7 Environmental Benefits of Going Vegan


In this video I continue my mini series of benefits of going vegan. Next week I will talk about the ethical reasons.

Last video: https://youtu.be/wjxg9Pr8r3g

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My video 7 Health Benefits of Going Vegan: https://youtu.be/OhuKFLbRZAE
Bill Nye Climate Change Video: video.nationalgeographic.com/video/news/101-videos/151201-climate-change-bill-nye-news
Facts about Animal Agriculture && the impact on the world: http://www.cowspiracy.com/facts
Water usage number I used to do math: https://water.usgs.gov/edu/qa-home-percapita.html
Calculator on how much is saved per month when being vegan: http://thevegancalculator.com/#calculator
Another tool that aided me do math for this video: https://www.carbonfootprint.com/calculator.aspx

Last Talking Tuesday: https://youtu.be/OhuKFLbRZAE

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