#1: Bikini Models Reveal Benefits Of Plant Based Vegan Diet | PART 1


This Plant Based News video is the first in a series featuring interviews with many vegan fitness and bikini models.

The series includes:

Amanda Fisher

Angie Sadeghi, MD

Anna Maree Hagley

Athena Turner

Crissi Carvalho

Daria Deptula

Deni Kirkova

Emily Sell

Emma Hurst


Hannah Lebrun

Bianca Taylor

Holly Brown

Jade McMullen

Jasmine Marie

Jayde Nicole

Jessica Hutchens

Kileigh Branae

Lesley Cain

Lilian D. Aguilar

Lottie Siann

Marie Millers

Tania Lucely

Stefanie Moir

Simone Simpson

Samantha Shorkey

Flora Beverley

Michelle Muench

Sally Taylor

Natalie Matthews

Tia Blanco

Zanna van Dijk

Brin Dillon

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  1. I've been vegan since I was 16.. almost 7 years by now. STLL CHUBBY. I wish I could look like these ladies! Wish I knew their carb/fat/protein breakdowns daily, as well as calorie intake, and weekly exercise. Maybe I need to take up the regular cycling.. also breads? Do these ladies eat gluten? Ive always had bloat after yeasty bready foods. Hmmm..

  2. Is it normal to just not loose any weight? My digestion got MUCH better lol I can finally go to the bathroom on daily basis, I have a lot more energy. But I haven’t really lost any weight. Maybe 5-10 lbs and I’ve been vegan 9 months now

  3. im going vegan and I really want to get the hottest dam body so people can relate vegan with sexy. I want an army of sexy vegans to convince the world to go vegan.

  4. I did plant based for over 2 years.. became weak ..not healthy and too skinny..I do plant based + eat seafood / fish ..very little any other meat feel better and look 20 years younger ..

  5. Lowest. Common. Denominator.

    I've seen videos of Muslims showing pictures of (admittedly) beautiful Muslim women in the vain hope of attracting more people to Islam. This video does the same. Show me the common people gains, not some Instagram bint with 1 kilo of make up on her face.

  6. I'm sure that it can change your body….a low calorie low fat diet absolutely will do so.
    However, how many of these photos are photoshopped before they upload to Instagram?…..all of them…

  7. oh fk plant based news corruption starting to show up,, so many pop ups with fkin logo and website BRAIN WASH ALERT EVERYTHING I STAND AGAINST,, either you guys stop or ill have to start talking against you guys and by my experience it usually only get worse (POWER CORRUPTS) just like netfix sadly dying more and more (especially since they start huge publicity harrassment and removing 5 star votings)

  8. I'm a 70 yr. old long time Vegan and because of a very bad back (two failed Laminectomy surgeries) I cannot exercise. I went to a new Doctor last month that didn't know anything about me and the first thing he says is drop your pants and pull up your shirt. Right away he says, oh you work out, and I said, no Doc. because of my back I can't exercise. So he says, oh your one of those lucky people, and I said, no Doc. it's my diet I'm a Vegan, true story. I then came home and did take a good look at myself, and I thought wow it does look like I workout. What these girls are saying is very true about not having to workout that much. Don't get me wrong I'm not knocking exercise just making a point. Oh so I asked the Doc. how old are you, and he says I'm 68, and I said, you look good for your age except for that belly.

  9. Over 300 lbs and went vegan for a year…LOST NOTHING! Stop lying! It is more complicated than going "vegan". You are harming your cause by promoting false and/or misleading information.

  10. so i can do the same and make a video of ppl with balanced diets (that are not vegetarians or vegan) and they can say the exact same shit. the point of this video is stupid 🙂


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