Spiritual Parasites


In this video I will share my personal experience, observations & intuitive information of spiritual parasites, what they are and are not, their diet versus your diet, how they enter the body, your symbiotic relationship, the difference between consciousness, awareness, information and anti-consciousness, psychic attacks, how to raise &/or maintain your vibrations & frequency, factors that lower your vibration & frequency (including: EMF’s, birth control, hormones, antibiotics, vaccines, chemicals, music, noise pollution, etc), reptilians, elementals, angels, archangels, extraterrestrials, discarnates, demons, fasting, prayer, meditation, symbols, fermented foods, immunity, energy healing, and much more.

Hello and welcome to The Vegan Vegetarian Network, definitely NOT your typical Vegan Vegetarian Foodie Network! So exactly how are we different? Oh, let us count the ways!

1. We’re obsessed with vitality, healing, health & nutrition. We’re also trying to consume healthy carbohydrates while limiting our overall carbohydrate intake! That’s why you can expect to receive nutritiously dense, low-carb vegan & vegetarian recipes.

2. We live busy lives just like you and don’t always have time for optimal ingredients. Sometimes we need healthy fast food! That’s why you can expect to receive recipes made mostly from scratch with occasional cheats & short-cuts for those times when you’re time-constrained.

3. Our bodies & brains need probiotics! Without them we experience all sorts of undesirable side-effects and health issues. Still, who wants to rely on a steady diet of pills when food is medicine?! Expect to learn basic, intermediate and advanced fermenting skills.

4. Our bodies crave raw foods, but sometimes, especially during cold Canadian winter months, we need warm cooked comfort foods! That’s why we provide both raw and cooked food recipes.

5. We love to learn. For what purpose is a life without learning? Because knowledge leads to awareness and awareness is power, expect to be educated & informed as well as entertained.

6. We’re a household of differing dietary needs. Domenic is vegan while I eat according to my body’s needs. And so while we’re primarily a Vegan Vegetarian Foodie Network, expect to see recipes that include very specific red meat recipes, both wild & domestic.

7. Because we make money work for us instead of enslaving ourselves to it, you can expect to learn how to spend less, stretch what dollars you do have, and still live like queens and kings!

8. That which is domestic once originated in the wild. That is why a wild child lives within each of us. Expect to identify, harvest, preserve and prepare wild edible plant-life with us.

9. We are Spirit beings with material bodies, inseparable and always communicating. Expect to learn how to communicate with bodies, so that your body does the eating and not other bodies or your emotions and your mind!

10. Sometimes learning feels dense and heavy. That’s why we love to have fun! Expect to feel inspired, light and expansive while learning.

11. Necessity is the mother of invention. Because we were born in the mid-60’s to pioneering parents and grandparents, expect us to be creative, pioneering, revolutionary and surprisingly shocking [in a good way of course ;-)]!

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