I became Anorexic for Instagram


“You look great! Have you lost weight?” – I was always a little bigger than my friends, but hearing that comment drove me to go beyond the extremes of losing weight; I became anorexic.

These days, being skinny or “fit” is the new pretty. Even on Instagram, those that are skinny or in workout clothes get the most likes because that’s what is deemed “beautiful”. We constantly compare ourselves to these “beautiful” individuals making it our goal to get to where they are. Everything from dieting, becoming gym junkies, skipping meals, or even plastic surgery. As we continue our quest, no matter how hard or how much we view the mirror or whatever compliments we receive, it’s never enough; I’m still fat.

Anorexia Nervosa is a mental illness eating disorder with the person having a strong desire to be thin, creating unhealthy eating habits and harming the individuals’ overall health.

Signs of Anorexia are (not limited to):
– Low body mass index
– Restricting food intake
– Excessive use of Laxatives, diet pills, and purging food after meals.
– Denial of body image
– Obsessive fear of obesity
are amongst the limited signs of Anorexia.

By sharing this story with you, we hoped we have informed and helped you better understand this illness. We know every story is different and every person is unique. Please feel free to share your stories with us. As always, we appreciate all the feedback and hoped we have better informed you.


  1. I am not skinny but just a bit well…. Round and I develop faster then most of the girls in my class (even my friends) sometimes my bff even say to me "Hah u have big breats" they just take it as banta but if they're not careful that could go from banta to bad problems. And who knows maybe if I grow more then them I'll have bigger breasts then them? People always say that people look sexy if they have big breasts wut did I just say……. Anyway maybe I might get popular for looking sexy? Ugh I dunno. I think my for my age (10) this channel is good for my education so I can learn more about development and relationships and mental health. And I sometimes think 'I need to loose weight ' and I always do a lot of yoga which helps but.. Well I never get that much skinnier and every day I feel even more and more confident and my mum always says that I'm beautiful and that makes me so happy even my moody teenage bro tells me that I should never ever change my appearance just because of stupid jerks that will make me think I look bad. He also says that I don't need make-up because my face is beautiful the way I am. But one think is people think my life is perfect people at school think my home life is perfect well no it isn't I am always having arguments and my auntie hates me. Then my mum thinks I have a perfect school life But no I am always having problems with people this girl lets call her alice and she literally will never mind her own business so for example she's like on another table and then I ask someone sitting next to me to borrow a rubber and she turns round and tells me to shut up every single time and then the next minute she's laughing with the person next to her and I'm like who does that and another girl lets call her mia and she fake cries and she literally lies about one of my best friends she is happy one minute then the next she just starts going on about a tiny little thing like a fly on the desk she will make such a fuss and she runs in da fricken classroom!! Then at night I am thinking of all those things that make my life so not perfect and then it makes me so angry and sad that I cry each night! But I try to listen best I can in class and try and be happy in the day and never ever call myself ugly. I'm just happy that I make other
    People happy and that I don't need to where the best clothes or mak up to be beautiful or be really skinny to be beautiful u just have to be kind and its how u act. As long as people r kind they will be beautiful. And plz if u see this make it into one of ur stories and if ur not the channel that I'm texting to then u r a beautiful human being and never ever change because someone doesn't like u cuz all u have to do is say to them , "Well at least I won't change because of u and I will do anything to be myself" nobody will stop u from being u

    All this stuff is true. Its not just for likes or anything like that it is all serious and real but I do have a happy life its just all this stuff

  2. This "skinny is sexy" thing is so stupid. Skinny isn't sexy. Fit is sexy. At best, skinny is better than obese, but it is by no means what men consider to be "sexy". The answer is obviously inbetween the two, and girls can look attractive even with a bit / moderate amount of fat on them. In fact, even more attractive than a skinny girl. Where do girls get this idea that you need to be 40 kg to look attractive?

  3. I wish I was curvy. I’m very skinny but not Anorexic. I eat so much, And people compliment me for my body. But I hate myself. Other curvy/chubby girls say they wish they were me but I wish I was them. I know I’m young, but I don’t want to be skinny forever..l I have a high Metabolism.making it hard for me to get Fatter. It makes me so mad. Others say I’m lucky but I’m not. I don’t wanna see my bones. I don’t wanna see my rib-cage. I look Disgusting when I look at myself. Curvy girls, You don’t know how good you have it. Don’t change your beauty.

  4. Same happens to me 3 years ago It's terrible, I still have some problems that got me, for example my hair fall now I have, many bald spots and my hair has become horribly light😭😭💔, I wish I could shave my hair but my mother refuses, I miss my old hair i wish the bold spot growing baby hair 💔💔

  5. Just eat..dont be skinny dear..and just do what u want..no need to diet..u know what? Even u skinny to..other people will not praise u sincery..maybe some will proud of you..but u will get more haters..
    Dont think that fat people is not popular…its okay to being ugly outside..but pretty inside..oke..😄😄

  6. I'm skinny and people comment badly on it. I'm actually on the average weight for my age, because it also depends on height, and so many idiots at school don't get it. And I also have this genetic thing where my food digests quicker, so there's no reason why anyone should call me skinny. Who else has to deal with this problem?


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