Eating for FAT Loss – Vegetarian


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  1. I feel you! I feel all protein-ed out! Iv been drawn to vegetarian meals lately and im just going to let it be 🙂 Would love to know if you could your carbs in protein sources?

  2. Totally browsing random videos while I drink my coffee before I head out to the gym and grocery shopping. Love your full day or eating videos!!! Gives me some great ideas. I’ve been considering trying out going vegetarian or at least less meats. I’ve been getting burnt out on some of the meats as well.

  3. I had always thought of protein as meat also and broccoli I'm glad you did this guts been so messed up so I'll do it your way for a bit .. hopeful it will straighten up..thank you , I'm sharing all these with my daughter also;)

  4. Your shopping and fridge is very similar to mine. I am currenty addicted to blueberries…all day…all night…kills my macros butI don't sweat it!Great video,Zelda

  5. I was exactly like you not knowing about other sources of protein before I went vegetarian two years ago. I ended up having a protein and iron deficiency in college while I still “ate meat,” because I didn’t pay attention to how little I was eating of it (and not getting it from other sources) and thought I was fine because it was sill technically something I consumed. Becoming vegetarian also forced me to learn how to cook and made me realize how much I love making my own food. I definitely experiment wayyyy more now with cooking than when I ate meat. 🙂

  6. Do you ever notice that all these people who sponsored diets living gems and they're all under 30 and under 106 lbs??

    I know on real Love a fucking world is that.

  7. Just downloaded the Lifesum app, which is pretty much exactly what my husband and I were looking for. So glad I found your channel. Looking forward to more inspiration! Thank you!


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