Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Sir Food Diet Upma Cooking Recipe | How to Make Vegan Diet Upma Tasty


Veeramachaneni Ramakrishna Sir Food Diet Upma Cooking Recipe | How to Make Vegan Diet Upma Tasty

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Diet Cauliflower Upma


Cauliflower-half(Cut Into Florets)
Ginger-1 Small Piece Chopped
Mustard Seeds-half Tsp
Cumin Seeds-half Tsp
Curry Leaves
Coriander Leaves
Ghee-2 Tbsp
Rock Salt-as Per Taste
Pumpkin Seeds-1 Tbsp


Clean the Cauliflower Florets and Dip in Boiled Water and Salt for
10 Minutes.
Drain the Cauliflower Pieces.
Put It in Mixie or Food Processor and Make a Powder Like Sooji.

Heat the Pan for Making Upma.
Add Ghee.
Add Mustard Seeds and Cumin Seeds.
Add Chopped Onion,ginger and Greenchillies and Curryleaves.
Fry Till Onions Are Transparent.
Add the Cauliflower Mix.
Mix Well.
Add Required Salt.
Fry for a Minute.
Add Some Water for the Cauliflower to Cook.
Close the Lid and Cook for Around 10 Mts in Medium Flame .
After 10 Mts Open the Lid.
Mix Well./
Fry for Another 5 Mts in Medium Flame.
Keep Stirring in Between Without Burning.
Cook Till the Raw Smell of the Cauliflower Goes.
Once It Is Cooked Well Add the Pumpkin Seeds Fried in Ghee.
Switch Off the Flame
Mix Well and Garnish With Coriander Leaves.
Squeeze Some Lemon Juice to the Upma and Serve.
Delicious Cauliflower Upma Is Ready to Serve.


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  3. Hi Swetha garu, i am planning to start the diet. But I don't take eggs, pure vegetarian. But in your diet more eggs are being used. Is it must. Dhaniki badhuluga emi substitute? Day 1 lo omlette diet undhi , dhaniki badhuluga emi chesukovachu. Cauliflower upma, veg dosa alantivi day 1 nundi start cheyavacha?


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