What I Eat In A Day: 4 Quick & Easy Vegan Meals


On any given day, we’re running around on-the-go, but we don’t leave home without arming ourselves with weapons of mass nutrition! See what I like to eat in a day that gives me high-carb energy and plenty of protein, from clean, whole foods plant-based sources. Going vegan doesn’t have to be difficult–these meals can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner, and will nourish your body with the nutrients that it needs to thrive!


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Pre-/Post-Workout Green Smoothie: http://bit.ly/2ElqMLO

Vegan Taco Meat + Nachos: http://bit.ly/2nzdvsv

SunWarrior Protein: http://amzn.to/2GIdnyJ

Plant-based Recipes: https://www.eatmoverest.com/archives

More Plant-based FAQ: https://www.eatmoverest.com/faq


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  1. Truly one of my favorite vegan channels. Love the recipes and positive vibes that you both present. It helps keep me inspired and motivated. Thank you both so much !

  2. Such a great video! I am new to the whole foods, plant based diet and I don't like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen so this provided wonderful ideas!

    I do have a question. When following a whole foods plant based diet does one need to be concerned about the amount of sugar in fruit? In the past I have limited myself to one piece of fruit per day for fear of consuming too much sugar.

  3. Loved this! The oatmeal looks bomb and I've been meaning to make your guys' lentil taco meat. Such a great alternative. Love these videos! And someday I want to get some people out to your Boathouse.

  4. So why are steel cut oats better for you? I hear a lot of people say this but never explain why. From what I’ve found and read on my own, there is no nutritional difference in the styles. Rolled oats are steamed, then rolled to flatten them out, but that extra processing doesn’t seem to make it unhealthy the way we normally think of “processed” foods. Maybe the steaming degrades them? Idk Also I read that SC oats have a lower glycemic value and take longer to break down the starch into sugar so you feel fuller longer. Maybe this is why? Anyone have any info?

  5. Love this type of videos. It's always problem for me to get over 1500 calories a day. I need gain my weight and you have to eat more than usually on plant-based diet, this is also a problem for me and my small stomach 😀 I can eat a junk food, yeah. But it doesn't healthy way, you know. I'm still fighting with it. So, thank you very much for videos like this and your recipes and types for people on plant-based. Love you guys, love your energy! ♥

  6. Have you ever tried a spicy hummus and peanut butter sandwich with cucumber slices. If not, try it! My wife and I depended on these when we were making the switch to wfpb.


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