The Perfect Diet For Losing Weight | Full Meal Prep | Cooking, Cardio, Supplements Included


If you are watching this video, then you are wanting to lose some weight. This diet is fail proof and if you give it 100% you will lose as much weight as you want to. This diet is for 12 weeks but if you want to go 16 weeks that will be perfectly fine. Here is your Grocery List for the first week and it is very simple and affordable!
1) Chicken Breast (Skinnless) *Between 5-10 pounds
2) 93% Lean Ground Turkey *Between 5-7 pounds
3) Whole Eggs (I usually get a 60 count case from Walmart $4.00)
4) Liquid Egg Whites I usually get 1-2 Bottles
5) Quaker Weight Control Oatmeal I usually get 2 boxes
6) White OR Brown Jasmine Rice I usually get 20 pound bag
7) Fresh OR Frozen Broccoli I usually buy it in bulk
8) Baby Spinach
9) Fresh OR Frozen Blueberries I buy them frozen they are cheaper
10) Light Greek Yogurt
11) Coconut Oil
12) Natural Jiff Peanut Butter Low Sodium
1) Mustard, Heinz 57, Hot Sauce, Black Pepper, Mrs. Dash
1) Dyamize Protein Powder (Any Isolate Protein) 2 servings per day
2) Sports Multi-Vitamin 1 serving with breakfast
3) Quadra Lean 1-Breakfast the 1 before and 1 after workouts
4) L-Carnitine 2.5 grams 4x daily (split about 4 hours apart
5) Amino Acids 5 grams during workout session
MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY – 30 minutes post workout on treadmill 3.5 incline and 3.5 miles per hour
WEDNESDAY, SATURDAY – 15 minutes post workout on Stair Master and aim for 60 steps per minute
SUNDAY – 10 Minutes of HIIT (I will post this video for you every Saturday Morning)
****Nutrition Week-1 For Men***
Meal 1) 2 whole eggs, 80 grams liquid egg whites (non cooked weight), 50 grams baby spinach (non cooked weight), 50 grams blueberries, 1 pack quaker weight control oatmeal

Meal 2) 8 ounce chicken (cooked weight), 300 grams jasmine rice ( cooked weight)

*Pre-Workout Meal* (Eat this meal before you workout no matter what time you go to the gym. This is always the meal you eat before you go to the gym)
Meal 3) 8 ounce chicken (cooked weight) 300 grams jasmine rice (cooked weight) 14 grams coconut oil

*Post Workout Shake* Drink this immediately after your workouts
Meal 4) 16 ounces water, 2 servings protein powder, 32 grams peanut butter, 1 greek yogurt

Meal 5) 8 ounce 93% lean ground turkey (cooked weight) 100 grams broccoli (cooked weight)

****Women’s Nutrition Week-1****
Meal 1) 80 grams liquid egg whites (non cooked weight), 50 grams baby spinach, 2 ounces 93% lean ground turkey, light Yoplait yogurt

Meal 2) 4 ounces 93% lean ground turkey (cooked weight), 50 grams broccoli (cooked weight)

Meal 3) 4 ounces 93% lean ground turkey (cooked weight) 50 grams jasmine rice (cooked weight), 14 grams coconut oil, 50 grams broccoli (cooked weight)

1 serving isolate protein powder, 16 ounces water, 16 grams peanut butter and 1 pack quaker weight control oatmeal

Meal 5) 4 ounces 93% lean ground turkey (cooked weight) 50 grams broccoli (cooked weight)

Mondays Workout
Tuesdays Workout
Wednesdays Workout
Thursday’s Workout
Friday’s Workout
Saturday’s Workout
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  1. Awesome video which is so much better than other youtubers trying to sell their β€œplan” with lot of theories that no one could understand. Can’t wait to see ur next vid on the HIIT. Will try out this 12 weeks workout on the beginning of March.

  2. I haven't commented on this video but after a couple days and seeing the thumbs down up there, I want those three people to address what they didn't like about Darrell's video. There's nothing wrong with his approach, his cookin skills or his knowledge….or his food choices. I mean come on. If you're gonna thumb him down then say who you are and explain your reason. Maybe we can all learn something we don't know. In my eyes, the guy does a heck of a job and he's real about it. Darrell's just Darrell.
    Second of all… Darrell, I want you to explain to everyone why the coconut oil and it's triglycerides and what that does in a carb restricted diet.
    There's a lot of knowledge here and Darrell put in a lotta hard work o gain that knowledge and I'm proud of him and the whole strength team.

  3. Do you know approximately how many calories a day this diet consist of ? Thanks for the step by step process. I admire you're good intentions/work ! πŸ’ͺ😁


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