Weight Watchers Meal Prep | Wonton Egg Muffins, Vegetarian Enchilada Bowl | Snickerdoodle Protein Ba



Kitchen Items I Use:
Meal Prep Containers

Less Expensive Meal Prep Containers

Food Scale

Vegetable Chopper

My Airfryer

Foam I put on my coffee

My favorite sugar free syrup

Are you meal prepping lunches and dinner or lunch only?
I meal prep lunches for my husband and I for the work week.
How do you store your meal prep containers?
I store them in the freezer.
How do you reheat your meal preps?
I put a frozen meal prep in my lunchbox in the am with an ice pack
and it is thawed by lunch time. If I prepped a soup or a food with more
liquid, I have to take it out of my lunchbox at about 10am to fully thaw
by lunchtime.
Do you thaw your frozen vegetables before cooking?
Most of the time, I put them in the oven frozen.
How long do you cook your frozen vegetables?
I cook them on 350 degrees for around 25 minutes.

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  1. I somehow stumbled upon your videos the other day and thank god I did! I lost 40lbs on WW a few years ago and then last June I had my daughter and we’ll I just can’t seem to get back on track no matter how hard I try. I’m getting excited about food prep and WW all over again thank to you!!

  2. That’s great never seen butter extract but it’s on my list. I make egg cups all the time just spray cup cake tin and bake 375 11 mins . Just Incase wondering lol making all of that this week . Great tip for veggies too

  3. I love your meal prep Amanda. I have a question about canned fruit. I hear people say as long as it only has pineapples in pineapple juice only, it’s zero points but when I scan the can it reads 4 points?

  4. I made the enchilada bowls today,. I had one for dinner, it’s yummy. Thank you. I cook for myself and I can’t seem to plan weekly meals. I don’t like cooking every night.. I’d rather meal prep and have my dinners ready, then just reheat and eat.

  5. I was successful on Keto for 4 months … until I had my gallbladder out 3 weeks ago and was left unable to tolerate gluten and fat. Thanks so much. Your videos have led me in the right direction to be able to choose foods I can eat that won’t make me gain weight. Big thumbs up.


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