Cheating To Get Shredded | Day Of Eating | Planning, Meal Prep, Full Workout, Physique Update & More


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I’m excited to bring you this new video. It’s a full day of eating that includes tons of different things. I want to be thorough and take you step by step through this cut with me, so I’m showing you quite a bit in this video! Like what you may ask? Let me explain briefly:

-Full Meal-by-Meal Breakdown
-Full workout explained (Pull day)
-How I fit cheat meals in while getting shredded
-How my weigh-in progress has been
-Physique update
-How I plan for my days/weeks in advance (productivity)(Panda Planner/productivity planner)
-Show you some Sunday meal prep
-Tons of pro tips to help you get through the days/week while cutting and lowering calories

As you see, there’s a lot in here. So sit back, and enjoy. I really want to help you see how you can build muscle/strength and lose fat at a perfect and significant rate while feeling great, eating the foods you want, and improving in more than just fitness!

I hope you found this video helpful. If you did, give it a thumbs up, comment below some feedback, and be sure to share with friends and lastly, SUBSCRIBE for all of your fitness content coming to this channel. And let’s get shredded together on this epic #2018shred! Join me today if you haven’t already!

Thanks for watching, as always.


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