Vegan Day of Eating || Trader Joe’s Haul


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  1. In Spain, they pump for you in most stations 😉 You should play the "damsel in distress" card and get a worker to do it for you. Also, all my baking trays look like yours. All about the seasoning

  2. New Jersey doesn’t have self serve gas stations-you R not allowed to pump your own gas (not NY just Jersey)👍Although you could just move to a warm place where you have to pump your own gas, but at least not deal with the cold🤔Gas Problems! Love your vids…and by the way my husband hangs out at home in his jeans, there is something wrong with him…although…I just convinced him to buy his first ‘sweat suit’ so he’s realizing what he’s been missing & all those years he wasted-HA! ✌️

  3. Yay I am inspired to go to Trader Joe's today to get all the things.
    Also, you are not alone with the awkwardness feelings. I had a man stop mid job interview to ask me "okay…so, are you AWKWARD??" >_>

  4. I love how real you are Tami! Anyone who shows crystal clear cookware on their channel must not actually use it because that's what my stuff looks like too, no matter how long it soaks or how hard I scrub. Love your videos!

  5. Tami – how do you get your protein to mix smoothly with your oats?! I've tried several times with the Vega Sport and just can't get the right consistency! It's always lumpy…
    Also, my husband is that guy who lounges in jeans. I don't understand it either. I just try to look past that part of our relationship. hahahaha! 😉

  6. Definitely have socially awkward days lol. Also those leggings are awesome and I literally take my pants off and put on yoga pants the second I walk in the door. I know people who wear shoes all day in the house and it makes me cringe!

  7. It's okay, Tami. I have many of those days where I can't be "human". I actually don't remember me being normal, ever. Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing, lol.


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