How I Went Vegan & What Do I Eat? // Issac Butterfield Response


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  1. Harley you look like 50 when you are 36 ? I thought vegans had a healthier appearance . Must be all those sugars 😀 Guess going fully vegan isn't the way to go 😀 Practice what you preach otherwise shut it !

  2. Did you know durian is a very VERY stinky fruit? Wiki Durian fruit. its odor is best described as pig-shit, turpentine and onions, garnished with a gym sock, much like this weird vegan guy.

  3. I found you via Mr Butterfield and expected to hate you, but I actually kind of applaud your attitude, and as a fellow Adelaidian it is my duty to subscribe to you…I guess. Not a vegan and never will be, (sorry), but I have considered vegitarianism for a while now. As a Croatian man who sees his family often, this is quite a challenge, but something I plan on trying…one day…maybe…

    Either way, as long as you keep up the positive attitude and continue having that sexy lady dancing in the background, I'll stay subscribed.

  4. I hope Issac Butterfield tears you apart for this one. WTF has marijuana, needle jokes, hot chick in swimmers, an old bloke got to do with veganism. YOU LOOK LIKE A BIT OF A WANK. Why the police hat? WTF are you doing? Thank the LORD you have a vasectomy so you can 't pass down your stupidity to another generation. And I don't mean veganism, I mean all the other shit. Plus, your not as hot as you think. Having a chick walk around strangely half naked does not make you seem attractive, it makes you seem stupid. At least Butterfield just says his point without this dicking around. Your not helping your cause!

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