Week 22 Weigh-In: Dealing With Weight Loss Plateaus


✅In this episodes, I talk about weight loss plateaus and how to deal with them.

✅This video series catalogues my attempt to lose the last 50 pounds in my weight loss journey. I’m doing it in public as a way of keeping myself motivated, and to help me stay honest and accountable to more than just myself.

Please feel free to comment, ask questions, and/or lend support to those who need it. And thanks for watching.

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✅Figuring Out Your Daily Protein Range
Below are the steps to help you figure out your daily protein range in ounces. I’ll use my lean muscle mass to show you how to do the math.

Step 1: Calculate your lean muscle mass with this calculator: goo.gl/yfqpmk
Example: Dot’s lean muscle mass is 119.

Step 2: Figure out your range of protein in grams.
A. Multiply your lean muscle mass by 0.6
Example: 119 x 0.6 = 71.4g

B. Multiply your lean muscle mass by 1
Example: 119 * 1 = 119g

Dot’s Daily Protein Range (in grams) = 71g – 119g

Step 3: Convert the low and high range numbers into ounces by dividing each number by 7.

71 ÷ 7 = 10.1
119 ÷ 7 = 17
Dot’s Daily Protein Range in Ounces = 10oz – 17oz

Note: As a rule of thumb, each ounce of cooked chicken, meats, fish, large egg, cheese and nuts has roughly 7g of protein (some more some less; this is an average). If you feel hungry or not satisfied, you may want to start enough protein near the top of your range. Likewise, if you already eat near the top of your range, you may want to reduce the amount of protein, provided you don’t feel hungry. I started off eating about 16 ounces of protein a day. I’m now eating 12 ounces a day (about 6 ounces per meal). I won’t go below my low range.


  1. Thank you for the great info and inspiration. You made mention about Stevia and carbs. This is the first time I've come across this info. Could you clarify please. Thank you in advance, luck to both of us on our journey.

  2. There’s so much great advice in this video! Intermittent fasting and making sure I got enough potassium and magnesium in my diet were they keys to breaking plateaus and avoiding tight muscles. I know regard snacks as meals and most days have only one meal per day. I don’t have “cheat” meals, Keto is simply how I eat. If there’s nothing I can eat, say at a party, or some other event, hey that’s another fasting opportunity.

  3. Thanks Dot. I have gained 6 pounds and not lost it over 1.5 weeks. I am only in my 6th week of Keto and not sure why this is happening already. I thought perhaps I need to now cut back on the fats, now I think perhaps some of the protein as well. I think maybe the menopause is factoring in this as well but I hate getting to 278 only to go back up to 284. I do feel better but I want to be able to wear jeans again one day!

  4. I was doing so well, but the scale was stuck for a month. I worked myself silly cooking to stay on compliance. Then my hubby jumped on the bandwagon and lost nearly 20 lbs. in half as much time as it took me to lose 12. I gave up. So, here I am again. Re-read the protein calculations and realized I can't just eat as much as I had been. Maybe i will have better results. Thanks for the encouragement, Dot. 😘

  5. Well done, Dot. Up a bit or down a bit, you are doing great. Question: does Greek Yogurt fit into your low carb eating? I recently found a great way of making yogurt and Greek yogurt using a crock pot. since my husband eats a lot of yogurt, I decided to make some. It was fun and while it was not at all fast, I ended up with the best Greek Yogurt I have ever tasted. I did some research online and found that the carb count for Greek yogurt is 'low'. Before I add it to my diet I thought I would ask you for some direction. Making your own yogurt you can control what is in it and when you strain it to remove much of the whey, it brings the carb count down to about 4 carbs per cup. I would like to know your thoughts on thw subject. Thanks, Dot.

  6. 27 carbs a day for me. 4.5 weeks now. Lost 19 pounds. But,,, I'm weight lifting which has always been a part of my life. So my Plato is yes loose weight but back building mass and unfortunately bulking back up to the "V" look with my body. The good thing….I'm feeling better than I have in a very long time. Thanks for your advice and keep the ideas and suggestions coming!!!!!!

  7. $64,000 Question?😄 I love your retro ways!! I also love your sharing personal experiences on keto that I can take from for myself. I'm new to IMF and understand that if you're eating later, you can have coffee, tea, etc., but no cream; something to do with spiking insulin, that you've messed up IMF for the day. True? Thanks much!

  8. Great info Dot. Thanks for being so honest with weighing yourself. I don't weigh myself every week for it sometimes discourages me,so it's every 2 weeks for me. I find that works much better for me. But you look Great! I have about 15 more pounds to go. It's very slow for me but that's fine. I feel so much better and have much more energy!

  9. You gave excellent information. Try eating less often, every time we eat it raises insulin levels which hinders keto adaptation and the next one is try intermittent fasting, look up Dr's Darren Schmidt and Eric Berg

  10. Thanks for your perspective Dot! I am up and down on the scale too. But I am down in the 160's as opposed to over 200 so I rejoice every day for that accomplishment. I'm enjoying where I am and the fact that I have to give away a lot of clothes and clothes that I've been holding onto for a long time now fit so I've accomplished that goal. I will adjust the amount I eat since that might be the very key to get the scale moving again. I never had a set weight loss goal because I wanted to see where my body would naturally adjust to but I still have extra fat around my mid-section so I'm sure I'd be healthier at 10-15 lb more loss. BTW, I like your new toenail color. It really compliments your skin tone. 😉

  11. The information and advice you give show how smart and well read you are. I love all the references to good books, science as well as personal experience. I used to look forward to the videos mainly for the weigh in. Now I look forward to your well prepared and persuasive pep talk. Thank you!

  12. Hi Dot! I found a great app called Carb Manager that works great to keep track of my carbs/proteins/fats. It takes a few days to get used to it but you can add in whole recipes and it will calculate macros per serving. It also has a favorites tab so you can easily find your foods you use the most. Wanted to share this helpful little tool I found since you share so much useful info! Thanks and keep up the great work! You are beautiful inside and out!


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