Water Fasting vs Fruit. Which Heals The Body Faster And Safer?


Detoxification is the golden key to wellness they say. But what is more detoxifying, healing and regenerating? Fruit only diet, or water/ dry fasting? What gets the kidneys to filter faster? And which removes disease from the body safer? Fruitarian diet for water fasting for detox. Water vs juice fasting, or intermittent fasting. Will fasting for a week have more of an effect than eating nothing but fruit for a month?

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  1. I will water fast one day… I’m having a hard time with intermittent juice fasting. Getting over the cravings and hunger pings. But it’s all a means to an end till I water fast. Cool video man!

  2. It's not about the fruit vs water, but liquid and even Kent knows that. How much water did you drink vs how much juice did you drink while you were eating those juicy fruits. I believe watermelon is water, but better.

    Take quart of water one day and on another eat just enough watermelon to make one quarter worth of juice and compare the results.

    Fruit is good, don't turn on them just because you can't build your muscle on it. It seems they are not for that.

    Intermittent dry ftw btw.

  3. Hey Kasey….you have made me laugh, educated me and added to my determined to make the move to Chiang Mai over the past 4 months and I just came back to Chiang Mai last night for at least 6 months!!!! I would love to say hey and grab a bite to eat. I am staying at a hotel in Old City while i locate a good inexpensive apartment. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. Hope to see you next week!
    Rob Mueller

  4. Dr Fuhrmans gr8 book discusses the healing that the body begins when it enters the fasted state. I think that this body healing mechanism is what you might be looking for as I have watched you many many times bring up your belief that you remain unsealed even after undertaking complete vegan style eating? Anyway……. Check what videos out of True North Healing in Oregon? Or Calif? talk about the healing mechanism that kicks in the fasted state. That clinic has supervised literally thousands of clients for years to get various otherwise seemingly impossible health conditions resolved by getting their bodies deepl enough into the fasted state where this inner body mechanism kicks healing stem cell regenerations that standard medical pill therapy " management" of symptoms never ever approaches. True North has many vids and thousands of clinical experiences with deep deep employment of that inherent body mechanism for healing that switches on when in that fasted state!

  5. You are going to heal the world..Isnt that what animals do when they get sick? They go off by themselves to the hide and heal party. They don't eat not even dead chicken soup and minute maid.

  6. How much water do you drink in a day? i heard a good number is your weight in lbs say 200lb so u drink 200oz but more if u workout like 64oz per hour of good work out. From the different youtubers I've. seen.

  7. Lettuce? Has too much sugar…
    Go for the bitter greens…and fiberous beans.
    Like okra and snow peas….green beans. Raw…
    My best was with
    Mustard Greens….
    I did the Medley Mix….and drink a gallon of water a day.
    I don't do fruit…..to flush.
    I use greens……mustard ….greens ….asparagus….water….and juniper berries.
    Basically greens ….water….and pine sol.

    U notice an immediate….cleanse with raw greens….
    Have cellulose….cellulose is a denser type of sugar.
    Cellulose is structural material.
    Most vegans I see are not structural…theyre thin wimps.
    When u see herbivores in nature….the strongest.
    They graze greens….fibrous greens.
    Its energy a denser ….stronger type of starchy cellulose.
    Graze the greens…lettuce?
    Are u kidding me….lettuce is pale. Yellow….decays and molds fast.
    Don't eat lots of fruit ….graze the greens….
    Fruit is every once in a while…..most the time your gonna eat greens.
    Strength requires structure and synapse.
    Itchy and break outs.
    Your dehydrated and don't have enough greens.
    You are what you absorb…..
    I do best….with sun….water….graze the greens.
    Greens has more….cellular integrity and give your skin melanin….to use solar energy.
    Acidic greens….
    Nutrient dense.. fibrous greens….water.
    Sugar is not strength.
    Structure and dense long term cellulose fuel …..is power from synaptic nerve action.
    Structural…..mycelium…..your are a plant.
    Mycelium sheathed earth…

  8. what about a week fasting like
    2 days fruit
    3 days water
    2 days fruit
    but I would do water only because fasting means eating nothing for me πŸ˜‰

  9. I did my second 10 day water cleanse to reset and purify my body of toxins and heavy metals.. Day 2 was my hardest day but everything else was ok. I posted the video on my channel xx

  10. Buddy you need the PULLING action/astringents of the fruits berries and melons. Try a black grape+lemon juice diet and go strict. Do that for 2-4 weeks and you could even detox a tumor out! Its extremely powerful. If you experience pain, soothing herbs will help. marshmallow root, slippery elm bark. Or the Heal All Tea from Dr Morse. I love this herbal blend.
    DEEP DETOX / CLEANSE with FRUIT https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvGtDnv0DXk
    TUMORS – How to Detox Them Out – Great Dr. Morse Rant! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5UNzHKfA-Y
    HEALING CRISIS ON GRAPE DETOX – MY SKIN CANCER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N7EZ5zSZkeU
    playlist https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWMJEnARntf92opw7tszKgyjEj3IJASpH


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