One Meal A Day – How Many Calories Should You Be Eating?


One Meal A Day – How Many Calories Should You Be Eating?

I get asked by people how many calories do i eat in a day with my one meal a day (OMAD Diet) on a whole foods plant based vegan diet as calisthenics athlete and digital nomad and how many calories should they be eating?

So in this video “One Meal A Day – How Many Calories Should You Be Eating?” i answer this question in full so you can work out how many calories you need to be eating on your one meal a day (OMAD Diet) journey.

The brilliant thing i love about eating one meal a day (OMAD Diet) is i have found that i can eat 3000-4000 calories and stay at around an 8% body fat all year round and this is why i called the one meal a day (OMAD Diet) the ultimate weight loss hack.

No calorie restriction ever here and i get to eat an abundance of plant based vegan foods every day at so many amazing vegan restaurants in Koh Phangan, Thailand.

One Meal A Day – How Many Calories Should You Be Eating?

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration brother. I have a question, do you think calories in calories out pertains while doing one meal a day? For example if I happen to be in a calorie Surplus for my BMR. will I still gain weight although I'm fasting for 22 hours? Cheers and keep up the good work!

  2. Hey Dan, thanks so much for the video! Do you think OMAD can be combined with turpentine for Candida or will that take care of itself? Currently approaching one meal a day and minimizing the eating window. Down to just 5-6 hours right now.
    Best regards

  3. excellent information
    Is there an ideal order to the food during the Break Fast
    i.e. Fruit, followed by Protein Shake, proteins, / carbs. It doesn't sound sensible to mix them all up as one would think the stomach produces difference gastric juices depending on what's going on. Grateful for your insight

  4. You've Inspired me to do one meal a day and I've been doing it over 2 weeks now and feel absolutely amazing ! Sometimes I don't want to eat even after 24 hours because the feeling of energy and alertness is so high ! It's what some call a hunger high. Thank you Danny and keep these OMAD videos coming !

  5. Hey Danny just a bit of constructive criticism but you upload to many “what I eat in a day” “how many calories should I eat” “one meal a day” etc etc this accounts name is conscious calisthenics so can we please get to the calisthenics. Your just repeating your self in all your videos mate lol. I’m not trying to be nasty but no one else is going to tell so I tonight I should. I enjoy watching your videos btw but it’s all the same thing.

  6. Dear Dan, i've been trying OMAD for the last 3 weeks, not counting calories and doing workout about 6 hours a week… Sadly it triggers the binging in my case. I wonder if this is a psychological effect, because I'm sure I eat enough. You know – on the one hand I love the idea of eating only OMAD, on the other I wonder if that is a natural way of eating and recomendable for everybody. I hate this craving state, it costs me days to calm it down again. So what is your opinion on that? Peace+respect, Steffi

  7. Have you noticed any change in libido? I did 1 meal a day for 2 weeks but I was noticing a drop in sex drive and function so I stopped. Maybe I just wasn't eating enough calories but I'm curious what you've experienced, if anything different?

  8. Love your videos for motivating me. I have a suggestion for a video of much lower intensity for people who are not ripped males. Almost ALL of your videos have big men or ones who are getting super ripped. As an older woman, I really don't care about higher testosterone! (I'm not the only one either!) The calisthenics are downright scary that you show, for someone like myself. So how about some out-of-shape starter videos and include women recommendations too please.

  9. Can you please tell me what to eat eating OMAD, whole food vegan diet. I don't drink smoothies because I don't have money for blender. Normally I eat brown rice and lentils all day but it seems to me that I don't comsume enough calories…

  10. I have just started doing OMAD. 3 days in. I was previously doing 16-8. Now I simply cannot sleep 😴. I have never had a problem sleeping. I feel fine but is this a problem for any one else? Or any views on this?


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