How I Stopped Binge Eating & Making Myself Sick


Hey guys, todays video is all about Binge Eating.. There’s nothing wrong with how my body looked on the left, but I was physically and mentally making myself sick & didn’t feel good! I have struggled with this unhealthy habit for years. This video is not about losing weight or being skinny or looking a certain way.. It’s about feeling healthy physically as well as mentally and feeling more in control of your life. Theres nothing wrong with the way I look in the photos in the thumbnail, it was more about how I felt. My natural body and tone was covered by weight I gained that made my whole being feel heavier and more lethargic than what was natural to me. When eating a balanced diet I look more toned and feel more light and able. Not feeling overtaken by an addiction to comfort eating made my mental health feel much stronger. So keep the skinny shaming or any kind of body shaming comments to yourself because they don’t belong here. The peak of my binge eating was just a few months ago around October when I was dealing with intense anxiety/ depression/ suicidal thoughts. I gained weight, started breaking out badly, I was wasting so much money on food I didn’t need and had no energy. Just a few short months later I was able to change this. That’s what I share in this video!! If you’re constantly chasing a physical aesthetic to fit into you will have a hard time being satisfied. You are the only YOU completely unique and beautiful and individual with completely different gifts to offer the world. So keep in mind that a healthy lifestyle comes in tons of different shapes and sizes.
I love you & thank you for being.
More What I Eat in a Days coming soon.

________ Some Yummy LOOKin Recipes & tings ________

Nacho Popcorn
-air popped popcorn
-garlic powder
-onion powder
-chili powder
-nutritional yeast

Instead of Chips & Guac
Jicama or bell pepper
Homemade salsa

More Healthy Snack Swaps

High Carb Hannah follows a vegan HCLF diet, it worked for me for a while but I found that eating so many starchy carbs made me tired & continued screwing with my idea of healthy portions. However, she does have some good simple recipes that you can add to the “listen to your own body” diet 🙂 If you do wish to lose weight for your health then maybe you can see if a HCLF lifestyle feels good to you!

Epic Recipes |

If You’re Really Craving Sweets


  1. My problem is that I hate how healthy food tastes. It has no flavor. Like how can I eat a head of lettuce??? When I’m so used to soul food and salt being bred into every single thing I ate and lettuce tastes like how cut grass smells. How?

  2. I fricken' love you, man. Thanks for these tips. I don't necessarily have an issue with binge eating but I have a problem with restrictive eating patterns and I can definitely apply some of your tips to my situation.

  3. Thank you for this. Thank you so much. I have never accepted the fact that I binge eat. Its only with this video that it has really hit me. All of what you said I did and do… I feel so guilty and disgusting after. Thank you for these tips. Thank you.


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