WHAT I EAT IN A DAY VLOG | Winter Edition (Easy & Healthy Meals)


What I ate today as a VEGAN in WINTER! Easy, Healthy & Simple meals!
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  1. Amazon has Soy Curls but they are cheapest on the Butler Soy curl website , if they deliver to Canada. I usually get a four pack, make sure to keep extra in the freezer until ready for use.

  2. Here where I live we have like soy mince and soy bites that you soak and cook like those curls. I made like two days ago spaghetti bolognese and some "meatballs", first time trying this soy mince it turned out really good and filling. I'm sure you can find them in big supermarkets I get mine from Kaufland, also i've seen them in those small bio/healthy/vegan stores.

  3. I buy lots of soy meat (same as soy curl) online (it's becoming very popular here)! Soy meat is very tasty and I can make a variety of food with it 🙂 I recommend you make soy meat karaage once! It's very good!
    Here'are some of my soy meat recipes!

  4. You can soak the soy curls in "chicken or beef" broth for a better flavor if not using teriyaki sauce or some other marinade. Also, I like to toss them in the air fryer for a few minutes afterwards for a better texture. They're usually pretty expensive when I do find them in town so online is probably your best bet. We got ours at Bob's Red Mill store in Portland and they were super cheap. I made a mongolian beef recipe from connoisseurusveg.com that was bomb! My husband still talks about it lol

  5. I've been obsessed with them too recently! I love them on my pancakes with sunflower seed butter and on a bowl of granola! I got a bad bunch recently though that tasted off, almost metallic and I thought maybe they were going bad but I think it's just because they weren't organic so we're not doing that anymore…

  6. Love your channel!! Do you know what kind of dog willow is? I had a dog when I was young that looked a lot like her only was a boy…Best dog I've ever known… Would climb ladders, rock faces, run next to the snowmobile just to be with us always=)

  7. Here was the issue with the beans… as a hispanic I understand how those beans work. They take up to an hour or even more to cook because they are dry. So soak them first for an hour then cook it for another hour and season it to your liking… hope that helped Maddie, Love you guys!!

  8. I live in Toronto and have found soy curls at lots of health food stores for MUCH cheaper than amazon. A few health food stores on Roncesvalles Ave have them 🙂

  9. You can get the soy curls at the Hearty Hooligan on Ottawa Street in Hamilton! If you haven’t heard of them, they’re a vegan cafe that make bomb pizza pockets and desserts among other things!

  10. Usually Germany is always late with "trendy" (vegan) food, for example the first time I found Portobello mushrooms here is like a month ago, whereas nearly every European country has a huge range of different mushrooms for years… But I've had soy meat like that for many many years and you can find it in nearly every store here!! So I'm quite happy you've tried it, it totally reminds me of my childhood because my mother used or still uses them in a lot of meals… They're also really cheap here but not as big and curly though. 😚

  11. Can you try that recipe where you put rice in a rice cooker and put a whole tomato in with it?? btw I love your videos!! It made the transition from vegetarian to vegan super easy!


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