Regain and Plan after Weight Loss Surgery


Want to help me lose my regain and work on your own weight loss goals? Join my dietbet and get paid to lose your weight!

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  1. I didn’t know that Diet Bet will disqualify you if they think you’re cheating. I’m in a DB now and I am not cheating I swear but somehow between my weigh in day and the next day I dropped 6lbs. Not sure if it was water weight or stress or what but it says I’m 42% through my goal and I’m not doing anything wrong. Just a fluke I suppose. Hoping they don’t disqualify me. 🤞

  2. So happy to see your new YouTube. I seriously had a flash this week wondering if you’re going to appear again on YouTube. Weird and awesome! I may join you. Sometimes the DietBet style stuff makes me self sabotage, but would love to be able to use it as a tool. BTW, I’m @vsg.timetoshapeup for reference. I know you’re going to rock this!!!!!!!

  3. Great video … thanks for sharing! I've had similar struggles during my journey (I'm 16 years post op) so I can totally relate. Sounds like you're already back in control and doing all the right things. You've got this!


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