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So twice a month I come to NYC and I love coming to one of the biggest China Town’s here. There are 3 China Towns in NYC: Brooklyn China Town, Flushing Queens and The (tourist) one in Manhattan. I really enjoy Flushing! I came to flushing and went on a date and went to work. FOLLOW ME AROUND! Enjoy this Vlog!

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  1. Please tell us the name & address of the massage place, I'd like to go. I was there in Flushing a couple of weeks ago at the Library on Main St. & Kissena Blvd. I volunteer there sometimes. Flushing is little China town compared to China town in Manhattan.

  2. You’re in my old neighborhood! Yay! Flushing is Asian oriented. Great authentic food. Estoy muy feliz por ti. ❤️😄 Te ves sexi. Me encanta tu outfit! Yes jacket. Cuídate nena jajaja Enjoy your stay. 😘

  3. Hahaha yes, Flushing is pretty much all in Chinese but New Yorkers don't call Flushing China Town, only the one in Manhattan is considered China Town (I hate China Town as well for the same reason lol) But Flushing is pretty dope! And gurrrrrl I told you about that drugstore make up it can get you right too!! haha Great vlog chica! You making me miss home even moreeeee!!!!

  4. Lolz 😁 is fuuny and cute como tu dijistes esa parte (7:54 ) en español, yo hago lo mismo aveces lolz 😁 . You looking pretty and sexxxy 😉 i love the clothes you wearing.

  5. Lolz 😁 is funny and cute como tu dijistes esa parte ( 7:54 ) en español, yo hago lo mismo aveces lolz 😁 . You look pretty and sexxxy 😉 😉 love the clothes that you are wearing.

  6. I pretty much commute around @flushing almost every every other day. Taking the q17 and q19 bus. The commute is tense on main St, kissena Blvd @ main St, enjoy Flushing, may be one day I will bumble into you. Note I spring by Flushing.

  7. Also I notice you play afrobeats in your video, hey can you tell me your favorite afrobeat artist. Hey I love your openness towards culture and life. Bing watch most of your videos. Hopefully I get my self to learn more languages.

  8. Yayy, in New York enjoy you're a natural GORGEOUS woman keep up with your good Spirit you're an Amazing woman I like your hair but me personal I prefer to see you with your curly hair but you look good anyway please be safe where ever you go, and God Bless y'all specially your two Li'll Angels my blessings your = 1 follower your Puerto Rican CHEF Bobby 😘😘

  9. Hello, I wanted to share this with you, it might be too late for this school year but it might be helpful in the future.
    I also wanted to thank you for the video where you talked about depression, my wife, and daughter suffer from it and IT'S NOT EASY.
    Thank you for showing a little bit of downtown Caguas, it's my hometown, I wish it was a longer video, from the Plaza you where like 3 blocks away from my grandma's house.
    If you make a meet-up in Caguas I wanna be there, but I'm living in Florida, check this out, We moved to the states 'cause my wife couldn't handle living in the island (due to her depression) we've been here over 20 years now, and she doesn't want or need to visit the island. Me on the other hand, I'm dying to go visit.
    Thanks for the videos, keep living THE Life. Bless your girls.

  10. Found your channel a few weeks ago while doing some PR research. I'm hoping to go for a bit this summer because I have a friend who stays there in the summers. Her family lives in San Juan. Love you and your channel!! 💛

  11. You have to go to China!! I am studying abroad here now and people here have been so nice. I love your videos you are so inspirational que dios bendiga en todos sus viajes ☺️🎉🎉 @Ambie


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