How to Lose Belly fat After C Section | Weight Loss after Cesarean Surgery


Top and Best Ways To Reduce belly fat After Cesarean Delivery. Everybody knows pregnancy and delivery can be a stressful time for the mother, especially if she has had a c-section. c section is a surgical delivery of a baby. In this procedure, a horizontal cut is made through the mother’s abdomen and uterus to safely deliver the baby. Now here we look how to get rid of belly fat after Cesarean surgery.


  1. Start at 3:17 for actual exercises – FYI! Also, and maybe this falls into one of the categories, but you may also have to get a c-section if your cervix is not dilating timely (my case). I also chose not to breast feed because I take medications that 1) I need to take in order not to not…um…die 2) will pass through breast milk and are risky for the baby. Otherwise, all these tips are right on, especially drinking water and the cocoa butter for stretch marks. Also, NARRATOR! Oxy-toe-sin! lol 😀


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