Fit healthy Grocery haul | Home Made Cheese Steak(healthier alternative )


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  1. Love the shirt! And u must've been reading my mind ive been craving cheese steak sub… i may make some this week using ole veggie wraps… i haven't tried ezekiel bread yet i keep hearing its an acquired taste… anywho thanks again

  2. You're very right…that is not a philly cheesesteak…you're missing the Amoroso roll, mayo, fried white onions & the steak cooked in grease, American/Provolone cheese and or cheeswhiz, ketchup & mustard…you got the salt & pepper right!! LOL
    Thanks for showing us how to eat right and being a healthy lifesyle example. Much Love

  3. I'm trying my best to eat healthy too so i'm more of an aldi's, food 4 less and save a lot shoppers because i don't have enough money to shop at expensive stores like that but i get my healthy choice. Thanks for this video beautiful queen. Much love!!!!


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