Loose skin / Keto and Intermittent Fasting / HOW TO KEEP YOUR SKIN TIGHT


We are going to talk about loose skin, keto, and intermittent fasting, all with weight loss. How to keep your skin tight during weight loss. How to fade and even diminish stretch marks!
I have been fasting for 3 years now and that in conjunction with keto, and weight lifting has helped me not have so much loose skin! I also use a couple of things to help during and after weight loss.
Things I spoke about in the video;

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Dr. Fungand Autopaghy; https://highintensityhealth.com/jason-fung-md-the-complete-guide-to-fasting-for-fat-loss/

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  1. I’ve lost 33 lbs on keto/IF so far and I’d like to lose another 50 lbs. I can already see saggy skin on my lower belly and my upper/inner thighs. I am going to have to try these tricks. Have you ever done a video on the booty? I’ve noticed my booty is starting to look like a pancake! I hate exercising and lifting weights, but I know that’s the answer. I’m just wondering what’s the most effective things to do. One problem I have is bad knees, so squats are hard for me. My knees have improved some since starting keto.

  2. Great tips! I bought the same coconut scrubber after your last video, it's taking awhile to get used to the scratch lol. But I've added IF into my life after 6 weeks of keto and in the last 5 days I've lost 6.8 lbs, I'm a believer! I have 47 lbs to go to my goal (my reward will be breast augmentation if I reach it). Your journey is one of the things that inspired me to pursue getting healthier 😊

  3. Just wanted to say thanks! I’ve been doing keto and IF for a while now but struggled with figuring out the best workouts for my body… but ive fallen in love with lifting❤️ after seeing you talk about it! Thanks for inspiring me 😊

  4. You look amazing❤️ have great tips. I have lost 66 pounds and I have 26 pounds more to go. I have stretch marks my breasts are disappearing but feel way better then when I was bigger. I will definitely try out the tips I have a little loose skin but you hardly see it.

  5. You look fabulous, I want to get my stomach to that point, i dont mind it not being perfect but I dont want the fat or pudge in the stomach, what is your waist measurement if you dont mind me asking?


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