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Lot’s of you have been suggesting I try intermittent fasting which is something I’ve done before so I did a bit of research and found out it’s pretty good for Hypothyroidism! So I ended up doing a 22 hour fast with a 2 hour window to eat. Here’s the doctor that suggested this method- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5bUCdu3UxU

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  1. I hope you enjoyed today’s #MotivationMonday I wanted to show what I’m doing for my weight loss journey on a daily basis. Lots of you have been recommending intermittent fasting and after researching and finding advice from a doctor (link in the description) I thought I’d try it again! Let me know if you’d like to see more vlogs like this x

  2. Honestly you give me encouragement everyday to keep healthy .. I've been on steroids and alot of meds coz of my chronic migraine and put on 20kilos … But with ur videos I've managed to take all that weight off . Keep it up we are with you .we love you xx

  3. If you find that you are low on energy doing this I would suggest ketosis combine with intermittent fasting. My sister, who was diagnosed with a plethora of things when she was overweight including PCOS and hypothrodism, found it to be very effective and saw a complete reversal of all of her conditions. I'm going to do it myself!

  4. Definitely want to see a recap of how the fasting turns out for u. I have been doing OMAD for two months now (some days I intermittent fast…being greedy 😂) but it has really been a game changer. I have so much energy it's rediculous the only days I feel like crap are the days I slip up and eat early in the day aka breakfast. The biggest difference I've had is that I go to the toilet every single day. Ever since I knew myself I have been using the toilet once or twice a week, which we all know is a no no. So glad I disciplined myself and tried it!

  5. Did you just said thyroid medication? If so I would love to hear your history. I've had some history with it as well. It would be nice if you speak out about it to hear your side of the story.

  6. Working out outside seems really lovely. I recently cancelled my gym subscription and try and get in some exercise outdoors as well! I've tried intermittent fasting as well my Mentor at code school introduced us to it. It can be quit convenient if you think about it!

  7. Omg i didn’t know you had hypothyroidism!! I have it as well. There’s a big facebook group i’m in and i’ve gotten a lot of answers from it, people with it share their experiences with eachother, can share what their doctors told them, etc.

  8. I have been a subscriber for years now and I always love your Monday vids <3 Since March I have been doing intermittent fasting too and I have gone from a size 16 to 14, I am trying to go back to a size 12 and this video actually is really motivational. Thanks Scola love you lots!!!!


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