Carnivore diet-what about my kidneys?

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  1. Do you know much about Hemochromatosis (iron overload)?
    A family member of mine has this and it turns out there is a chance I could also have it because it is hereditary.
    In your opinion, do you think a carnivore diet would be unsuitable for someone with Hemochromatosis?

  2. Yes he is addressing his blood tests one value at a time and explaining each result. One value to high may be explained by his explanation but overall having this many values out of range is the problem. If you have just one value out of range their maybe a simple explanation but as an overall picture his blood work is a red flag. If he can’t see that perhaps he should sit down with a professional who doesn’t share his bias and really be open to the possibility that he is not as healthy as he thinks he is. I honestly could care less one way or another if a carnivorous diet is the best diet for humans but being in denial about reality to further an agenda is not very smart.

  3. To all of you trolls and metro sexual men.Why don't you be a real man and find Shawn Baker and say this bullshit to him?????? All of you are just a bunch of keyboard pussies! !!!!! When I have a problem with someone I personally confront them!!!!!!!!!The internet has really created a bunch of weak,judgemental pussies! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. This guy is clearly delusional and cannot accept the fact of his own lab results. Hopefully he will realize that he is causing his own demise before he gets a chronic illness.

  5. Hallelujah! All this time I’ve been thinking that I was obese but I’m not. You have shown me how stupid the parameters are! I’m not obese, I’m just short for my weight. Instead of growing to 8ft 10 inches, which is what I should be according to my weight, I stopped growing at 5ft 5inches. No wonder, how haven’t I seen this before. I blame the broccoli that my mother force fed me for years. If only she has fed me more MEAT none of this would have happened. Bloody man made fruits and vegetables. Bloody vegans. Who can I sue?

  6. What's with this need to eat all meat like unhealthy populations (inuit/Masai). They are undeveloped cultures that don't live very long. Shouldn't we evolve instead of going backwards…a smart person would look at what the healthiest populations are doing instead of listening to this nonsense

  7. Shawn. No normal person/vegan wants you to die. You choose to target vegans because they directly affect your business. But alllll the science suggests you ain't gonna last long. Your blood work suggests you're on a decline of health. Thousands of studies support the opposite to what you are doing, and you are putting yourself at huge risk for 50 dollars a month subscriptions. Do you know what would be an amazing story? You coming off this ridiculous diet and seeing huge improvements in your health.

  8. Do people feel better because it's an elimination diet? A lot of things in an average diet are allergens to people, if you remove them then you will feel better, that doesn't mean it's good long term, a sensible thing to do would be to slowly add different foods back into your diet to see if any make you feel bad, the ones that don't agree with you, leave out permanently.

  9. Honestly, Mr. Baker, you present as a bit eccentric. You massively go against the grain and spit in the face of conventional knowledge by pushing an all meat diet. Despite the lack of fiber intake and high cholesterol, can you walk me through–scientifically please!–why people watching and thinking of trying this folly shouldn't be concerned about your blood test results (the vegan guy pointed that out on his channel)? Also, I'd be deeply concerned about your micronutrient intake. Can I ask: what's the issue with eating a little broccoli?

    To be clear, I eat meat. To be clear, I am not a militant vegan. (Though I did experiment with veganism for a summer and saw an immediate drop in my blood pressure towards much healthier numbers.)

    Lastly, I heard you suggest in another video that eating meat is not so bad for the environment or some such thing. Listen, dude, that is just demonstrably false. I'm not even going to get into the deforestation and methane issues related to industrial livestock farming, but just examine the issues regarding antibiotics. Did you know that we (meaning all of humanity) is facing a massive antibiotic crisis? Like, antibiotics are no longer going to be effective because we haphazardly spray animals with antibiotic hoses. You have a medical background, so I don't think I need to walk you through why that's simply poor judgement and a good enough reason for anyone to think about reducing their meat consumption for the betterment of the planet.

  10. I am an ER doctor and eat mostly plant based with IF patterns of eating. I am a big critic of a carnivore diet. Of all of your labs that are off the normal range, your renal function is is not that alarming to me. I do not wish you harm. With that said I believe that your risk of vascular disease and cancer are very high. The truth is that we don't know how much meat is safe to eat. But you make an excellent case for the dangers of an all meat diet. Your denial of lab data is at the level of folk hero. It would not surprise me if medical students made a meme out of your lab denial.

  11. The point for a meat diet is to kill fungus overgrowth. If you have a white tounge then a meat only/no sugar or carbs diet will starve fungal candida overgrowth and it will revert back to a friendly yeast within the gut. When the candida has settled down then you should slowly incorporate glucose back into the diet to make the candida yeast happy to work with the beneficial bacteria.

  12. It's really sad that you have SO many trolls that have nothing better to do with their lives… 🙁 I'm glad you keep going! Every body is different. Some need more meat than others. It's just a fact.


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