Chatty GRWM! Why I Was in Oregon, Channel Updates + My Weight Loss Journey! | Lauren Mae Beauty


Hey guys!! I hope you are having an amazing Monday!! It has been pretty great for me so far!! Today I just wanted to chat and get ready with you guys!! I wanted to talk about Oregon, some channel updates and plans, as well as let you know how my weight loss journey is going!! haha the eyeshadow turned out a little crazy but I hope you enjoy!! Thanks for watching!! 🙂

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  1. My favorite highlighting brush I own is an AOA one from a ten dollar set. Some if their stuff is so good but I use them for brushes and masks. I haven’t really liked the makeup I’ve tried.
    That Mr. Fish doc looks pretty decent. I’m a cartoonist/illustrator and it interested me when I read about it.

  2. I have that same thing going on where the view in my head of what I look like is different than what I actually look like. I'm working to integrate the two. It's not easy. :/

  3. I used to be smaller so when I picture myself in my head, I don't see myself as the size that I am. But when I was smaller, I still thought I looked fat since I wasnt super skinny.

    And it's been a few years since I lost more than 10 lbs. I would lose a few then gain it back. I'm currently doing Insanity and tracking my calories and I'm so close to that 10 lbs mark

  4. I'm so proud of you for sharing your weight loss update! Congratulations on your loss so far! I definitely feel the same as you, I think I'm smaller than I am and then I see a photo and I'm like ummmm that's not what I thought I looked like. I'm currently doing the old weight watchers actually where you count calories, fat and fiber, been doing it since January but slacked during February and March and I'm still down over 20 pounds. I did it in high school with me mom and I lost 50 and she lost 100. It's a great system that makes you think but is really great! Anyways, you're awesome and have a great day! 💜

  5. Fellow weight watcher here and a makeup lover!!!! If you are on WW connect – find me "bekifowler" …. connect with me – I'm very plus size as well and have quite a journey. Weight watchers works when you work the program!! Good luck

  6. Okay, I'm going from work to the airport and have my suitcase here. I packed Jaclyn Hill, Carly Bybel, Modern Renaissance, Soft Glam, Athena & Aphrodite palettes, then I saw you grab the Huda mini, and was like, "What did I do?!?!?!" I don't know, now. Are those 6 going to be enough? For 6 days?

  7. I just need to have a running comment that I submit at the end of the video, but no, why do 1 comment when Ic can do 3? Good job on the weightloss. I'm down about 25 lbs, and it has taken months, but every barrier I break feels wonderful. Pickles have zero calories I don't do weight watchers, but when I want a non-sweet entertainment-food – pickles. Keep up the work, it takes time, but it's worth it and if I can do it you can too. And I screw up, and go back up, but get right back on the self-denial-horse. I'm not going to pretend like I feel like "I'm getting all the food I need". Nope. I crave and I deny myself,. Everytime I feel hungry, I tell myself I'm thirsty and drink water. But I know a period of denial will get me to my goal and maintenance is easier than losing. Stay strong girl!

  8. I always wonder " HOW MUCH LIPSTICK TO I EAT A YEAR"?

    I am a pretty new YouTuber (like under 100 subs) and you are inspiring me to look into trying out Instagram stories when I go on my cruise in October. So thank you for this video today.

  9. OMG! Lauren, my brain is the same!!!!! And I see pictures and I freak out!!!!!! I thought I was the only one who felt that way. And you can do this!!!! I’m down 50 pounds since July! We’ve got this!

  10. Good work with the weight loss! I’m sure you will be at ten pounds and more very soon!
    I agree, being healthy is so important! I’m also working on changing my eating habits and working on losing so weight!
    I enjoyed the chatty video and hearing how/what’s been going on with you!

  11. Hahaha how you described Ashland is exactly how anyone who lives in Oregon also describes Ashland. Hippy, small town vibes, a bit strange, but they are rollllllling in cash. Also, I was thinking how much I loved your new thumbnails. The fonts clearer so my blind ass can read them.

  12. giiiiirl when you said you see yourself as smaller than you are… same, i really feel that. i think i am just normal size… because i am normal size, to me. then i see a picture and i'm like oh i am actually tall. with broad shoulders. and big boobs. and i'm chubby too. idk if that's a bad thing that i see myself as not what other people see me as… but i'm glad someone else has said that they see themselves as smaller.

  13. 1. Definitely looking forward to your ShopMissA review. I enjoy the site (and their beauty blender) so I'm really interested in your opinion.
    2. On weight loss.. I started in on losing weight in January pretty seriously. I lost 15 lbs in a month and a half and then stalled and was so confused… turns out I got pregnant lol soooo although I'm still conscious of my weight, I had to make an effort to not judge myself by the scale because I'm likely going to be gaining weight and my body shape will grow.
    3. I'll definitely have to start paying attention to Instagram if you're going to be uploading stories 😁

  14. OMG THANK YOU! For the longest time, I thought I was the only person who sees themselves as much smaller than they actually are. I seriously had moment the other day trying on a bathing suit (tan colored with tropical flower print) and the suit fit fine, but I took a selfie to send to get my husband's thoughts…I looked at the picture and….why is there a picture of jabba the hutt in a lei on my phone?

    Freaked me out.


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