Morning, everyone. Guess what time it is? Yep, it’s time for the channel news. That’s right. Four AM in Jordan.

What are we gonna talk about today? I thought it was time I did another video for this channel. I was looking. I haven’t done any in several days.

I was looking through my website, and was looking for some of the top articles that are really popular there. And one of the articles is how to lose weight on the Dr.Sebi plan.

Now you will see that I have many articles like ‘Checking for your BMI’ (body mass index), ‘How many calories do you have to eat to lose weight on?,’ ‘Juicing,’ many things that will help you to lose weight.

Does everybody on a vegan diet lose weight? No. Why? Because they eat a lot of junk. They’re giving up meat and dairy. But they’re eating packaged junk and things with chemicals, lots of pasta and breads.

Ever seen some of these diet channels? I’m just unfriend a bunch of them. Everything’s fried in oil, and a lot of flours. You know, how are you gonna lose weight eating all that stuff?

Well, you can’t. Well, we say, “Go on a plant food diet.” Let’s look at a healthy plant food diet. Now, the Dr.Sebi sale food store group now is against fried foods.

You know, there’s so many things that you can do in this life. There’s many things on the Dr.Sebi plan that can help you lose weight, like nopal.

And I put it in my Green Food Plus. That’s one of the things Dr.Sebi suggested. Do you know one of the benefits of nopal? It helps you lose weight. If you saw some of my first videos where I was really, really fat … Well, I’m still fat. But I’m less fat, let’s say.

Now, cayenne is really good also. Dandelion is really good also. If you go and read the article down in the description, you’re going to see all the herbs that are good to help you lose weight.

I get so many questions of fasting. Guys, fasting is liquid fasting. That means anything liquid. That doesn’t mean water fasting. We’re not approving of water fasting here.

We’re talking liquid fasting, smoothies, rain water, juice, herbal tea, soups that are pulverized. You can have all these things. Eat all you want.

You must go to the bathroom two or three times a day. If you’re not having enough fiber in your diet, you will not go to the bathroom.

You should be taking your chelation herbs when you’re fasting. The chelation herbs will help you to go to the bathroom.

If you don’t have diabetes, you can all the fruits you wanted also, as long as they’re in a smoothy or something.There’s so many things that you can eat. We want to have the Bromide Plus.

Let me give you a recipe for the ginger elixir. We’re going to change this a little bit. Sorry, my back is just killing me. We want one cup of ginger juice. So you buy your ginger. Don’t peel it. Make sure it’s organic. Put it in a juicer. We want one cup of ginger juice.

We want one cup of lime juice. We want one cup of water and one cup of agave, and 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper. Let’s mix up the water, the two juices together. Now, we’re going to add in the agave and the black pepper. This is a natural detox.

Take one ounce twice a day before your meals, so two different meals. He says it will help the digestion. It will stop all nausea. It will help you if you’re taking enzymes because your vitamins are not being absorbed in your body.

Make sure it’s spring water. What’s your favorite spring water everyone? What’s your favorite spring water? With me, it’s Fiji water. I love, love, love Fiji water. Let’s eat big salads.

Big salads are really good. You can throw on a cup of those chickpeas, hummus beans right on that salad. Make it really nice. All the fruits are in season. And oh my God!

How many of you guys have gotten seeded watermelons so far this year? I bought a cantaloupe the other day. Okay, if you have any questions, put them below.

If you haven’t subscribed to the video, please subscribe to the video. And please, shop in my store. I don’t know. Sales are really down. Sales are really down, guys.

Really appreciate those who support this group. If you’re going to buy this stuff, the bladder rack, and the dandelion, and the Irish sea moss, why not shop at my store?

Help us out, please. Okay, you all have a great day. Thanks for listening. Bye bye.

You can read my article on weight Loss here:


  1. As salaamu alaiki, ive been taken for about a week 5-6 "000" caps of chelation except the contribo. " cascara sagrada, prodigios, black walnut hulls and rhubarb" drinking at least a gal of water, smoothies, fruit, salad every other day. I haven't seen no real gi movements, i wanted a complete colon strip cleanse. What am i doing wrong.

    My smoothie consist of 2-4 fruits, black seed, bromide and some times hemp protein,


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