1 Month Keto Results – Ketogenic Diet Pros and Cons weight loss inflammation results


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  1. Awww all this time I thought you only took on water weight from – Non keto foods – processed etc … Or of course eating a lot of salty foods – pork rinds & cured ham will do it to me . Usually try to get nitrate free – uncured … Β First I have heard that "any" type of protein will ?

  2. As a "Pro" I do love that they list nutritional info per 100g in the UK, but as a "Con" hate it when some foods are listed as 100g after cooking (the way they recommend) & skin removed.
    Like the raw salmon fillets I bought recently, they only listed the nutritional info after grilling with the skin removed >:(. Where as I wanted to fry them & eat the skin!

  3. Twinning! I am also 27, a month into Keto, and about 12 lbs down πŸ˜› Just wanted to say thanks for your videos, you've been the biggest help in getting started xx

  4. Hi Ginger and Rob! Just love your videos, been binge watching this weekend! You guys are adorable and so helpful! I just was wondering where your accents are from? I love how open and real you guys are, please keep up the great work!

  5. This video was quite helpful and enjoyed hearing both sides of the keto coin. I am not a full time, die hard keto diet follower because I might have a piece of toast in the morning BUT I will keep track of the carb count. So far, so good, as I have managed to drop several pounds!

  6. You mentioned that mustard gives you problems. I have noticed that I get leg cramps the night after eating certain brands of mustard. I'm guessing the type of vinegar that each company uses is the ingredient that my body finds offensive!

  7. Love you two! Yes please keep these videos coming, I think it’s so important for us that have struggled with weight and health issues to hear that our body has to heal. And that women are so different from men. Thank you πŸŒžπŸ’‹πŸ’‹

  8. Bill Grainger's best ever scrambled eggs: 50ml of heavy cream per egg (plus seasoning) and scramble quickly over a high heat. Divine, soft, custardy scrambled eggs


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