Is the Paleo Diet a good choice for Pregnancy and Lactation?


Eating a nutrient-dense diet is vital for every stage of human life, but it takes on an even greater importance during pregnancy and lactation. See

Not only do nutrient requirements increase for expecting and breastfeeding mothers, but the mother’s diet directly influences fetal brain development, birth weight, the risk of birth defects, and even the baby’s immune function. That makes the Paleo diet, with its focus on nutrient-dense foods, a great framework for ensuring that pregnant and lactating women receive the nutrition they need to support a healthy pregnancy and child.

Here, I focus on 8 key nutrients that are especially important during pregnancy and lactation: folate (and why that’s not the same thing as folic acid), vitamin A, vitamin D, choline, calcium, iron, zinc, and omega-3 fats (DHA and EPA). Read more about the role they play here:

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  1. Thank you so much for this. I'm finally passing the nausea stage of my first trimester and can handle real food again. Unfortunately my anklyosing Spondylitis is flaring up and I'm struggling with moving and sticking to paleo. This is helpful, thank you.

  2. thanks! I was keto pre-pregnancy and my body refused it once I was pregnant. I decided to not follow a diet for the first 20 weeks, to allow my body to replenish it's carbs for baby. But I've found that I'm not eating the same amount of meat and veggies because carbs are accessable and easier!! So i'm about 20-21 weeks now and I think I'll give paleo a try! I still consume carbs, but in a much more nutrient-dense way.


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