60lbs DOWN in 4 months!!! + Weigh in | Weight loss challenge day 12-19


Links for Recipes used in today’s video: https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/285d242b-a543-47d2-b419-cdb7c857e96e

Raw Vegan Recharge Week 2 : https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/2b766364-8872-41e3-845b-9af634eba61a

Raw Vegan Recharge week 1: https://files.acrobat.com/a/preview/e2fb03d5-04fc-494c-b747-48de607d09cc


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  1. Love Love Love your videos. You are so smart and cute, but most importantly you know how to relate to people in an honest way. Congratulations on your weight loss and thank you for motivating me to get out of a slump and move forward. God Bless

  2. I’m new this is my first time watching you. SO INSPIRING!! I’ve been raw/vegan/vegetarian off and on for years. It gets really lonely. I’m gonna watch you for company in this journey (if u don’t mind)🙃 RIGHT ON TIME!! AMEN

  3. This was a wonderful video and I'm glad I found you. I'm going to subscribe to your content. Awesome attitude. Also: You have really straight and white teeth and I love your tattoo!

  4. I felt every part of this! I’m 216 and my goal is to be 155. I talked to my husband about my weight-loss goals and how sad I’ve been and he told me to just focus on me and he has my back. Got my first workout in today after a month off 🙌🏽 I feel amazing and will update in another month 😍

  5. Hi Kisha, you have no idea how much your videos inspires me to push forward in my health and weight loss journey. Congratulations to you on all your success. I'm always excited to watch your videos when they pop up in my phone..yes…. Thanks for all you share and keep them coming sista gurl 😘🤗💕

  6. I love how committed you are girl this proves to haters that you are as healthy as you can be and you are disciplined it’s not just the surgery but it’s health it’s levels of health keep up the good work hun

  7. Omg I've always wanted to be 120 lbs. The lowest I can get down to is 138 ( that lasted 2 days) I'm naturally 185-200lbs. I've been up and down my entire life

  8. Hi just found your channel i really want to try to make the noodles but the thing is i hate avocados 😂 do i really have to put avocado or maybe i cam substitute it with something else? ❤️


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