The TRUTH about Intermittent Fasting… HONEST Q&A



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  1. FORGOT TO MENTION: I do the 16/8 fasting portion. Due to the appetite suppressant from fasting, lately I’ve only been eating once a day. But this is not a everyday thing.

  2. I love the realness. When I first started watching IF videos, it was all men with six packs. I was asking myself. Can this type of eating apply to me(female with no six pack insight). I have lost 15lbs. I am vegan, but I eat a lot of hummus while it is my feasting time 🙂

  3. The darkness around the neck is a sign of early diabetes. So good on you. Taking charge of your health and seeing results. I have just one video of yours and I am inspired.

  4. I wear a slim belt everyday around the house. Keeps my belly tight keeps me from eating too much also. I also try and eat right and stay in shape too is because when I get older I am not taking all kinds of meds. Good pt. Thanks

  5. Good for you. Fasting is very wonderful for your body. While you are in a fasting state your body can start to heal itself instead of digesting all the time. Your hunger will stop after a few days. You are vegan too…you are being way health. Be proud of what you are doing, and you are looking wonderful.

  6. Hi have been looking into IF recently and found that it's not good for females to do IF everyday for a number of reasons! The main one being it can affect your reproductive hormones…..might be something you want to look into particularly when promoting IF as research suggests it can affect fertility! It's recommended for women to do IF for max five days a week! Although there are so many pros which is why I am excited to start it. I genuinely hope you find this useful not trying to be negative x


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