10 things I learned being VEGAN for 6 months


I gave up animal product for 6 months, and these are my top 10 discoveries.

If you’re thinking about becoming vegan, or a recent convert, you might find this interesting.


  1. The new food revolution means you don't have to label yourself. You can have a plant based diet, that doesn't mean 100% vegan. You don't have to follow strict rules any more or answer people who interigate you, "if you had jelly at Christmas you can't be vegetarian then". I found myself always having to defend my eating choices. So eat a plant based diet and reap the rewards, but if you want fish, cheese, must etc now and then go for it. Just what ever you do don't label yourself a vegan, the lynch mob will be after you!

  2. Hi Steve, you said going vegan made you feel better, in what way? What were the health benefits you felt? I’d be interested to know your blood results. Do you think it was giving up the junk food and not necessarily going vegan?

  3. Did a 5 day water fast and in that timed researched a lot on keto diet. Before starting keto i decided to research the opposing arguments agaisnt keto and found the Whole Foods Plant Base perspective to healthy eating. I've decided for the latter in the end. Eating lots of greens right now as I want to continue losing weight, and doing it in One Meal per Day. Those 23 hours of fast will be great for weight loss and selfhealing.

  4. I am into my second year of following a vegan diet for health reasons. I lost weight, my health issues basically cleared up. My doctor who was sceptical was amazed at my blood work. It was the best it had ever been. Even my hereditary, high cholesterol basically disappeared. He asked me to continue. I decided early on that I will avoid highly processed foods. I make everything myself. It’s work, but its great. I missed certain textures, but I learnt to discover new textures and flavours.
    I have made those exceptions that you mentioned when going out. I want to enjoy a meal with others. I may choose a salad, fish, pasta or pizza with cheese. I tried different meats along this journey and discovered that meat, but not fish, was a cause of one of my health issues. Cheese is my greatest problem. I really miss it. It is one of the major factors in my health issues. I will have it when I’m out on occasion and can enjoy it then and there.
    I’m lucky that I’m not a snacker. I eat twice a day – lunch and dinner. I don’t seem to get hungry in between. If I do, I will eat. I’ve learnt to listen to my body and give it what it needs.

  5. im very curious about blood results. i want to try vegan but i know from the start ill never could call myself vegan as i need to steak once in a while so ill just be a mixatarian. what would you think about vegan IF? im bit affraid i wont be able to get enough calories within the eating window though. thanks in advance. godspeed 😉

  6. been a vegan since 2004 and my weight has not wavered in either direction more than 2-300 grammes and have never regretted for on split second. to be successful it helps if you like to cook and, as referred to here, are willing to do a lot of research. But in order to stay healthy as a carnivore much more research is necessary so you can learn how to combat all of the dangers with eating animal products.


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