Dr.Ken Berry on the medical benefits of a Ketogenic Diet


Dr. Ken Berry and I discuss the medical myths surrounding the Keto diet. Learn the real cause of heart disease and why we want the cholesterol! Thyroid health and Keto, benefits of the carnivore’s diet and why it works for Ken. Why getting your insulin in check is the key to optimal health. Why long term Keto is not only safe but preferred.

Ken D Berry, M.D., has been practicing Family Medicine in rural Tennessee for over a decade. He is board certified in Family Medicine, and was recently awarded the degree of Fellow by the American Academy of Family Physicians. He is the author of LIES MY DOCTOR TOLD ME: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health.Having seen over 20,000 patients over his career of all ages, he is uniquely qualified to advise on both acute and chronic diseases. More and more, Dr. Berry has focused of chronic disease caused by the Standard American Diet and Lifestyle, and has made it his mission to turn the tide on the epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes, chronic inflammation and dementia.

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  1. I have never not one time since October 1 counted macros. I know when I am in ketosis because I’m NOT HUNGRY. First I just ate extra fat until I learned to use intuitive eating. I am so thankful I never counted macros and I have learned to listen to my body. I learned how to go keto and then IF to be able to get away from the static noise i got from The Stupid American Diet. I didn’t realize how bad I felt eating SAD until I started eating Keto and felt so great. Now I think I’m actually allergic to sugar and processed food—It gives me severe cramps and I have to stay close to home til it works it’s way thru my system. It makes total sense to me that keto is our ancestral way of eating and living with IF.

  2. Thank you Karen! You and Dr.Ken are going to save alot of lives.Great job keep up this good info.The american diet is a joke and its so sad to see many modern Doctors still pushing all this crappy big pharm garbage.The shift has started.

  3. WOW I need to listen to this again. So much going through my head. I am about to give up on Keto all together as I should be losing but gaining and trying everything I possibly know sticking strict keto and either staying the same or gaining and something in my body just isn't working right. I tried eliminating dairy all together, to tracking macros and doing I.F on the 20:4 ratio, to no fat bombs to no sugar subs. When I say strict Keto I mean strict strict. I research every ingriedent in the products I buy, no eating out, cooking everything from scratch. Doing Keto for 2 years now and almost over this.

  4. I have been on Keto for 45 days and lost 17 lbs. Dr. Ken Berry expouses the same thing I have said for years. I am 75 yrs. old and go to the doctor yearly for xray & blood work and will visit Dr. if I am real sick. I always get my flu & pneumonia shots. I have never been in the hospital. My dr. is nearly a copy of Dr. Berry. I never count carbs, Macros or calories.

  5. In your professional opinion, what about people who have the APOE4 gene (Alzheimer’s risk) that hyper absorbs cholesterol. Can’t get a definitive answer. Most say those with APOE4 alleles are to monitor the sat fat much closer.

  6. Thank You, Karen and Dr. Berry!!
    This has been one of my all-time favorite discussions that was a pure pleasure to listen to and watch.
    Thank you both for keeping it real!!

  7. I would say that my husband is type 1 diabetic, I think long term tracking is going to be necessary for him to go low carb and know what to do with his insulin day by day… but otherwise, yes, I agree! I've been tracking every bite for a while to help me understand where I'm eating too many carbs, many of them are pretty sneaky… 🙂

    Sometimes I feel a need for protein and just eat a bunch, maybe once a week, but otherwise I don't eat all that much protein. Chicken breasts are easy, fast and pushed at us for decades! hehe

  8. I took a statin for over 3yrs and was never told that I had high Cholestrol, so I ask why and they said just in case.. Yes I have Coronary artery disease and hyper tension, but if I don't have HC why take a statin?? And yes I am type 2 diabetic and trying to get my bs down, but I am fighting with that lol

  9. You know, Dr. Berry… When you cross the border into Canada, you're not really going to see a country full of igloos and icebergs. Chances are, if you're in Maine and the temperature is in the 80's, across the border in Eastern Canada, the temperature is going to be very similar. Americans are a constant source of amusement for us. The unrealistic expectations they have when they arrive here are hilarious.

  10. Thank you for having Dr Berry. I recently found him and his wife on an Ad that I finally clicked on.
    2 yrs ago my little town fought off and ran Nestle out of our town in Oregon. It took 8 yrs.
    But what started MY fight against Nestle was, it was Oregon's turn to vote on GMO labeling. I started googling GMO'S and WHY and WHO wouldn't want to know what was in our food..
    We actually had a female Nutritionist on tv telling people in their campaign that GMO'S would NOT hurt us and actually be good for us. She is a Nutritionist in Portland. Unbelievable!
    I also found that Nestle and many other large food corporations were found guilty of of Money Laundering in the Washington State's voting on it. They paid Lobbyists in GMA ( grocery manufactures association) and his behind them so voters would not know it was the corporations they trusted.. Like Nestle..Tollhouse Cookies and SwissMiss cocoa of our childhood!
    At the time I read the article, the female judge had said tjat there was the possibility that they ( corporations with ALL the money and lawyers) were unaware of the law against money laundering. They paid the lobbyists hundreds of millions of dollars in almost EVERY State who had GMO Labeling on their ballots.
    Just before Obama left office, he secretly signed the DARK Act law ( Deny Americans Right to Know) that says it is against the law to put GMO labeling on any states ballots anymore.
    Anyway..thanks again.

  11. Karen, being Canadian you're probably familiar with Dr. Jordan Peterson…he and his daughter are on the carnivore diet. It's cleared up autoimmune in his daughter and depression for both of them…you should interview him/daughter…great show with Dr. Berry

  12. You are correct about doctors and what they check… i lost my wife because they didn't check everything… Wish i had found the keto diet (shouldn't call it diet, should call it a life style change) a lot earlier… keep up the great work…

  13. Me toooooo! I wish I could find a doctor to even hear me at all! I've been doing keto for 3 months and gotten my blood sugar back down . But no-one seems to have answers for the other things that are wrong. Good doctors are hard to find. Even in post lymphoma years after chemotherapy and radiation. Hopefully the message of better healthy diets and diabetes reversal is spread to other places happens soon 🤞

  14. What really makes me angry is, the Heart foundation in my country fund raise for research……so the answers seem reasonably simple for good heart health…..why aren't people getting correct information for all the money that has been raised over decades.

  15. I have been pretty much keto for six weeks. For the last week, I have eaten only between 1PM and 6PM. IDK if I'm actually in ketosis or not, probably not but that's okay for now. Losing weight and feeling much better. The only cheat I have done in six weeks is two chocolate chip cookies from a hotel lobby last night. Sure enough I had stomach pain this morning and a sudden poop attack. I used to think that was just normal. Not anymore.


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