Nothing till 4 -Diet Breakthrough: Intermittent Fasting 2.0


The weight loss diet magic sweet spot has been found- eat nothing until 4 o’clock. Intermittent fasting has already been scientifically proven to help everything from fat burning weight loss to HGH release and slow the aging process. If you haven’t seen the intermittent fasting video yet, it is here The one end of the extreme is eating one meal a day but not eating until 4 is a more relaistic approach for most people trying to burn fat, lose weight and become healthier all around. It entails only water until 4 in the afternoon- no energy drinks, no fruit juice, no green powder or protein powder- nothing. Then eat as much as you want from 4 until around 7pm. Try and keep it healthy of course. This is the first of a series of videos on the subject. We are also starting a website and which we will try and update as we can. Be sure to subscribe to this channel and also for more fascinating health breakthroughs and practical tips on health, relationships and success. Enjoy!


  1. "nothing nothing nothing…but water". shouldnt need water unless your extremely dehydrated. haven't drank water alone in over a year only fruit little veg..

  2. I’m noticing more clarity and definitive purpose I wake up easily and early
    I’m less tolerant of foolishness since eating and more focused on positivity
    A lot easier to be positive with fasting

  3. Curious to Dr Gregors thoughts on this diet? Getting all your nutrition within a couple of hours a day? I'm interested in this to help my less than ideal lipid panel but following Dr Gregors ideas calls for oatmeal every morning so who do you believe?

  4. Hi Marcus. I don't know if anyone asked you this or not but with the new regimen of omad, where does working out fit in. I asked that because in your prior videos you explain that you would do cardio on an empty stomach and then half an hour later you would eat and then an hour or two later you go to the gym to lift weights and following that you would eat your large meal. Since implementing the omad, how has your workout changed? Thank you. And thank you for your video

  5. Hey guys! I’m simple raw vegan and I waterfast every day until I get home from work every day, 5-6 days a week. Thats usually not til 630. I eat one huge meal of whole fruit and greens and usually finish off with some nicecream. I’m currently working up to doing that 7 days a week until I quit my day job at which time I’ll start eating more like from 5-7 or something but still fasting 7 days a week. Great to catch this video!

  6. I have two children and would like to help them get the benefits from fasting (not weight loss or anything like that but the health, longevity, focus, and energy). I know Cara has a son who grew up being really healthy. Did he do any fasting? Can you please make a video about children and fasting? Should they have a larger eating window? Also interested in information about children and enemas. Breastfeeding and parasites/cleansing. Please share your perspective 💚

  7. Markus, you think this would work if i shifted the eating times from 6 am to around noon? Then nothing for the rest of the evening? Sleep early and up very early? I never eat that much in the evenings anyway.

  8. Thanks for the video, Markus, can you address supplements intake on the 'nothing til 4' lifestyle? I am on my second day and since I used to have certain supplements with breakfast in the AM, I find that I am not taking them now… ie: B complex that should be taken early in the day…D3 & multi. Would taking supplements break the fast?.


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