SUMMER DIET UPDATE: 1 Month Weight Loss, macro adjustments, cardio + more


Hi pals, in this video I take you through my 1 month diet progress.

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Music by: Silent Partner – Yard Sale
Edited by: Joseph Gray

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  1. How do you manage to eat 1800 while doing IF? Im eating 1600 and doing the 16/8 method but i feel like I eat so much, some days I dont feel like eating at all…but I know that is not healthy either.

  2. This is good motivation for me, I’m going to seriously start adjusting my macros. Do you feel like you’ve lost as much strength as you expected?

  3. Loved your progress and it pushed me to track my macros to drop a little bit of fat. My question is, how will you break your diet? Will you up your carbs and calories in general? if so, for how long until you get to your manteinance?


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