Prayer for Supernatural Weight Loss | Isaiah 61:3


Watch and receive this powerful teaching and prayer for supernatural weight loss! The Lord is dealing with the spirit of heaviness so you can have new garments of praise Isaiah 61:3.

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  1. I stand in agreement with this prayer and receive it over my life and body physically mentally and spiritually in Jesus glorious name the name above all names Glory be to God thank you for the victory father God

  2. Weight loss please. In Jesus name! I'm eternally grateful already. And so it is. I believe in this Holy Spirit miracle. I ask and so I receive. 💙😇💙 God be my shield and safety. Set me FREE!!! I forgive others and self. If their is bitterness take it all away. Tyvm for this sweet soul!!!

  3. Amen in Jesus name I hope I lose 7 this night as she does++++++. This video is excellent I continue listening it will help me lose weight every day+++++ Thank you pastor for this milghty video

  4. Thnk you so much for this, I’m a below the knee amputeeits almost a year now since my surgery, I just got my practice prosthetic leg, I’ve had 40 lb weight gain sitting in a wheelchair since, I need prayer to help me burn this extra weight off, I’m going to listen to this video everyday God bless you Thnk you so much❣️

  5. I would love to lose 100 pounds Father God. Please show me what the root of my binge eating is so I can resolve the problem and forgive Lord. I’m ready to lose this weight on your time Lord. In the name of Jesus, Amen !

  6. Its mine in Lord Jesus Christ 50 lbs gone supernaturally thank you God for this miracle for me and for us all who has weight gain. Lord Jesus You are my healer, my shield, my reward, I do heat on my back, and my legs and stomach "and by His stripes we are healed"Isaiah 53:5 I am sorry for I had sinned against you Lord release me, set me free from bitterness to anyone, release emotional thoughts about weight gain to be unattractive so husband won't think adultery thoughts of me, and release myself from self. shame and condemnation. Jesus I trust you. I felt the heat on my body Praise to be to God, Glory be to Lord Jesus Christ I love you and I thank you. In blood of Jesus Christ name amen

  7. Praise God! I cried like a baby. EVERYTHING you said was for me. Right down to the thyroid issues. And the putting on if weight because I didn't want anyone lusting after me. Praise you, Jesus! I'm feeling more energy, too! I'm a new subscriber, too!

  8. I had a dream about telling the many workers around me about the "Super Natural Weight Loss". I was confirming this with the one preaching it. She was then naming many people she knew in regards to this "Super Natural Weight Loss". Many men and women listening as she was preaching this around the room. Praise God! I am struggling with my old body weight right now. I have always been about my body weight. I know it was a root of something and I holding on to this and though wanted to lose this excess weight it was like revenge to the one I was keeping my body fat on. I brought this person to Jesus and repented of holding this against them. I have released my bitterness towards them and the others that HS revealed to me. I am expecting this "Super natural weight loss" to happen now. It is for me as it is for all the others who received it in Jesus name. I was in agreement to this in my dream therefore I must have witnessed this for myself. Praise God!


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