The Truth About CARBS || BBC Documentary Review 1/2


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  1. The food companies are putting doctors on their payrolls with the INTENTION of confusing the public. This way, the average confused person will keep right on buying processed packaged foods & the pocketbooks of the "powers that be" grow fatter. If the people stay fat, they are easily manipulated. I see this as a parallel world of deceit that is just like the Churches used in ancient times to get the Earth Worshipers off the land & into the Houses of Worship! It's all so fucking sad. We the people are being deceived. They want to keep us addicted to food as well as to medicine & then put the fear of God into us! MANIPULATION at it's finest. I won't go back. Period.

  2. I was so dissapointed and perplexed at the suggestion that swirling and spitting out carb drinks is a good thing. The eating disorder promotion is one thing but then the suggestion that people in the gym are going to be spitting out drinks in public is disgusting. In UK polite society as if people will be spitting in public!? You guys should check out Hugh fernley wittingstalls documentary also on the bbc: he literally spends at least 30-45 minutes of a three part documentary going after cereal companies that dont use traffic light labels….as if people have no choice but to have sugar ridden cereal for breakfast or to weigh out a 30g portion. Love your reviews, its reassuring to have others out there that are going against the grain (no pun intended) when people IRL are so focused on carbs being healthy. Ive strayed from keto recently but saw through this docmentry as a sign to get back on the horse and try again.thanks for the great content, hope you both have a great weekend πŸ™‚

  3. I don't doubt that a lot of the content in this documentary is an apiphinie for the carb ignorant, but it's the government that need to be shaken up, not the major populous . My point being, that some of us have to take a shit whilst brushing our teeth, our lives are horrendously busy, so we grab fast options that we may eat on the train, at out desks etc. We simply dont have the time nor inclination to be Jamie Fucking Oliver when we eventually gey home in the evening..Then, there is the issue that those not so fortunate, who are on lesser incomes can feed a family of 6 in McDonald's, for less than than it costs to buy organic ingredients for a meal for 2, which their kids wont eat.. So, the UK create a sugar tax, further hitting the poor, dispositioning the health/medical issues for a future government, keeping the likes of McBurger happy, instead of creating incentives by lowering the prices for healthier options on fruit, veg etc.. I know I'll get some flak for this but it's just my observation and personal view..

  4. This is a BBC documentary. The BBC is β€˜fake news’ pushing corporate interests. I’ve learned this the hard way last year when we took industrial action and the BBC refused to report on it because they are under BA/IAG’s thumb.

  5. Don't miss the point. You are willfully misinterpreting some of what was said (like your misrepresentation what was actually said about the 'amylase test'). This doco never aims at promoting the KETO end of the reduced carb spectrum . This is a 'toe in the door' offering, aimed at a achieving a public health objective (they do point out that he's a public health physician) of making acceptable/moderate changes in the greatest number of people. It will never be acceptable to rusted-on, keto-is-the-only-way community.

  6. if people are chewing food then spitting it out and the brain think it coming does it not start releasing insulin then and would this not make insulin resistance worse ?

  7. I think you’re missing the main point about the docu. It isn’t about Keto but for people to have a more low-carb approach. They lay things out in a very basic form so the general public can have an easy understanding of the benefits of low-carb. The swirling bit was pointless but if anything the docu should be viewed in a positive way to changing the majority public’s life-styles to what it states

  8. Not all carbs are bad. But low carb diets work for a lot of people. I've been on low carb for 30 days (with one day off in the week) and I'm feeling much better and losing weight. You could probably bring in carbs like rye and still be OK but to be honest, unless you're very active or an athlete, I would say it's not ideal for everyone to eat a lot of carbs (beige/white). This is why people are overweight, because the modern western diet is carb and sugar heavy with little to no physical exercise.

  9. Ultimately the current guidelines state you must eat fibre, you must eat carbs, you must not eat sat fat. The population knows nothing about nutrition and neither do most doctors. At this stage we just need to get it on the agenda, getting people to start looking at low carb is important – for many the process is – have interest sparked, look up low carb, find keto. Trying to do a program presenting keto as the answer when its marked as the worst diet of the year by anyone purporting to have " medical credentials" makes getting this into the mainstream at all.

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