One Simple Step to Build your Penny Stock Watchlist


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It all starts with focusing on the biggest percent gainers from the previous day. Not biggest percent losers. Not just companies that promise to have a good product or a good service. In my experience, you know, the best stocks keep going. Okay, stocks with good news. That’s the beautiful thing about penny stocks. They’re very inefficiently priced.

Use Stocks To Trade, look at the biggest percent gainers over one day, over three days, over five days. That said, some stocks are big percent gainers for just one day and then they do nothing ever again. I call them my one-and-done-type stocks. Maybe they got mentioned in a newsletter. Maybe they put out some hyped-up press release. Much of the news does not have lags into day two or day three.

You’re looking for big percent gainers. If a penny stock is down 50% on the day, it’s to me, okay. Sometimes I will dip buy a penny stock that’s like quickly down 50%, like intraday, but if it’s down 50% the day before, I’m no longer watching it. Because a penny stock that is down so much is very different than, like, if you’re buying a sweater that’s 50% off. If you’re buying a sweater on, it’s like Black Friday, you save 50%, it’s the same sweater as it was the day before. But when a company drops 50% or 40% or 60%, and stays down, that is a very different company than it was the previous day, because it has some really negative news for whatever reason.

Always focus on big percent gainers. Look pre-market, what is a big percent gainer? Look mid-day, what is a big percent gainer? Look towards the end of the day, what is a big percent gainer? Look after hours, what’s a big percent gainer after hours? A lot of companies report big contracts or earnings after hours, so you have to look at different times of the day, ’cause the big percent gainers will change. Also, pre-market, a little note of caution, sometimes the stock will spike a lot pre-market or after hours, and not a lot of volume, and the news will look amazing. But then when the regular market opens and big volume comes in, the stock is over.

Don’t necessarily trust the percent gains that are traded on very low volumes pre-market or after hours. Just use those scans, you know, to add to your watch list. But understand that many times when the big volume comes in, it busts any kind of move. So you have to look at different times of the day and see how a stock is trading. That’s how I create my watch list. Usually I have seven, 10, sometimes 15, lately even 20 stocks on my watch list and I’m tryin’ to trade one or two of them. You don’t need to trade every day, but you should create a watch list. Get in the habit of looking for the big percent gainers, seeing which strategies are most popular. Sometimes earnings winners are really hot for a few weeks. Sometimes a contract winner really works. Sometimes it’s low float stocks that are in play. So you have to kinda judge and adapt to the market.

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  1. Under PDT rule and I am beginning to think I only want to turn my computer on for an hour or two in the morning to get a pulse on whats happening, an hour at lunchtime to check that pulse again, and then if there is a trade, place the trade either between 3 and 4 or during extended market between 7 and 8 after reviewing SEC filings. ISR proved that even that is not reliable with their shenanigans yesterday. 424 canceled ATM offering then 3 minutes till 8 they announce offering to investors at .75 cents. (SO Shady). You just nailed my exact problem on premarket buys that I have been tracking. 9 out of 10 dip after market open. Summary is I'm better at overnight holds on the long side selling into morning spike. I think thats my ticket out of PDT. Just need to do my best at avoiding dilution on runners. I see why you trade scared and take profits quick. ISR dipped .45 cents between 7:58 pm and 8:00 pm. No time to react. You're always right.

  2. I thought I had it down how to compile a watch list, but Tim goes into detail a bit more and I get it just makes even more sense to me. This goes to show how there is always things you can be doing better, and I will strive for that perfection when I start trading.

  3. Hello Tim, thanks for the video lesson. i know you swing trades mostly on fridays, please can you do a short video on how to know if a company will do an offering. i took a big hit on $ISR swing trade yesterday, thanks in advance

  4. 6500 $ for 📀 and chat room, are you serious TIM?!!!!!!!
    I am shocked 😮
    All time you say you want helpful people but sorry it’s not helping
    IAM very disappointed about you

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