How I Lost Weight | The Truth About my Weight Loss through Intermittent Fasting


This is the truth about how I lost a lot of weight through intermittent fasting. Just like GSP George St. Pierre, intermittent fasting changed my life. I didn’t have to change much about my food choices and I eat whatever I want still. I just make sure to stay active and have my last meal around 4pm so I can fast for 16 hours.

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  1. This is amazing, I'm watching you eat Lebanese food as I eat it myself lol FYI the meat packed thing is called Kibbeh and the small 'pizza' is Fatayer. Glad you enjoyed!

  2. Lets start with the mysterious food identification , the pointy ended things are known as Kibbet , the half moon shape with the crimp edge are Simosa and the "roll" are one of my favorites , called Kabab, we split one just about every Friday night after our weekly drinks with friends on Friday evening. One pregnancy craving, my wife had three different , one for each child. The first was the smell of yeast coming from pubs she passed on her way home form work. She did , very occasionally have a little tipple when she could no longer resist. The second child was blessed with a craving for oysters. He came out almost bright red ! And my wife just corrected me that the middle child was cottage cheese , she ate buckets of it and he ended up the tallest and the most athletic gifted of the three …………… a little long for a "comment" but just had to go the whole story. So glad you are back and getting way back in form .. Love ya work mate !

  3. Haha 😂 I literally told you to eat more food in a recent comment. No offence intended when I wrote that. It’s just weird coz you didn’t seem overweight at all but now you’ve lost weight you look skinny!! Thanks for the pointers though. Do you think you can maintain the fasting routine??

  4. Love love love falafel but over in England the ones i have had are so so dry!! what was the green in the tabouleh ?. So funny I was thinking about doing the fasting as we always eat late as my partner doesn’t get him till 7.30pm but I don’t want to eat that late anymore. So you have pushed me to give it a go. You look healthy well done you. ✊️✌️

  5. I started intermittent fasting last August and I have never looked back. I didn't lose a ton of weight just 5-7lbs but I maintain it so much better now. Before if I had a bad couple of weeks or went on vacation, I'd gain 5-8 lbs and it would take months to get back to the weight I was before. Now I eat whatever and I only fluctuate a couple lbs even if I have a bad week where I'm not eating amazing or working out. It definitely helps with late night snacking, that was always my downfall. Glad you find it works for you too!

  6. Thanks for all your Vlog from Hanoi Vietnam. My wife and I are about to visiting Hanoi soon, can you recommend us a great place for egg coffee there in the French Old Quarter? We love watching your Vlog about living in Vietnam, we're curious about how the local's Vietnamese reacted to you in general regarding your family as a mixed couple ( Canadian Vietnamese man with an Canadian Caucasian wife?) I have seen lot of Vietnamese women married westerners men and you are the first couple that we have encountered so far on (YouTube) living in Vietnam. I think this is AWESOME and congrats……


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