Going Vegan / The 5 Benefits of a Vegan Diet For Men


Going Vegan / The 5 Benefits of a Vegan Diet For Men. The thought of going vegan can overwhelm a lot of people, especially men. Many guys tell me that they can’t go vegan or why should they go vegan. There are a lot of reason why men should go vegan. Even though there are a lot of benefits for men to go vegan, actually making the commitment to going vegan can be difficult for a lot men. In this video, I discuss why men should go vegan. Many of the guys I talk to are not aware of the benefits of going vegan for guys, from your overall health, inflammation and busting the protein myth. The benefits of being vegan are tremendous, especially for men. However, you need to be aware that many of the health benefits of going vegan are achieved through eating a healthy and balanced vegan diet. I hope you enjoy this video about the benefits of a vegan diet for men and please share with any guys trying who are wanting to eat more plants, curious about going vegan or just wondering to themselves why guys should go vegan.

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  1. Exactly. You can't go into any lifestyle thinking it is going to cure all of your diseases and other ailments. Veganism is fantastic for helping a lot of diseases, as far as even reversing them, but everyone's mileage may vary. You can't expect to get the same results as the person next to you when going vegan, due to a whole host of reasons including diet and genetic predisposition. A good motivation for me to stay vegan (even though I'm not a guy), is how many animals I'm saving just by not having them on my plate.


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