I went Vegan for 30 Days – Here’s how it affected my health…


I went vegan for 30 days to see how it would affect my health. This is how it went.

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  1. Becoming vegan me too I was so hungry! Cuz I tried to cut on fats, sugars and every bad stuff. So hungry. Then I started to eat bread and sweets again and was no longer hungry, but had cholesterol high again sigh

    (I eat 90% as vegetarian of which 85% as vegan and the rest 10% or 5% some fish and seafood, since I live by myself for university)

  2. Had you been eating the same amount of calories during the time you were non-vegan? Could the weight loss have come from the fact that you were tracking your calories and thus not overeating, whereas before you were not aware of how many calories you were consuming? I feel like these should also be considered given that all these health benefits could have come from simply lowering your caloric intake, and not the vegan diet itself.

  3. I don’t really get why people who notice their diet is getting unhealthy go to a dietary extreme tho. I consider veganism to be an extreme difference in eating. In my mind, just start adding some veggies and fruits. Eat well sourced liver and make bone broth

  4. What a really cool and informative video told by a most charming young man. Whenever I eat vegan I sleep so much better than when I don’t. My cousin Marianne and her husband in Switzerland are vegans and I never had so many delicious meals in my life. Most chefs in the restaurants of Europe are schooled in preparing vegan dishes so it was never an issue going out for them. Also they insisted that I eat what I wanted but oftentimes chose to eat what they were having simply because it was so delicious.

  5. hell yaa broski . nice job !! . but homie , you're not a vegan & didn't do any vegan challenge . there's no such thing as vegan . vegans are just snobby vegetarians . you eat meat , or you don't . that grey area sh*t is so ppl can sleep better at night . it's fantasy

  6. This really changed how i thought of vegans 😂. Normally im like 😳 how can you not miss meat?? Then i think about it more and realize how healthy it is and how much better you would feel. I probably wont do it but i can understand

  7. I've been straight vegan for like a week… down from pescatarian. To all people trying to go vegan but can't really cook I highly recommend getting a pressure cooker. Makes it super easy to make tons of rice/pasta/potato based meals that fill you up and gives you leftovers for meal prepping.

  8. You can't be an environmentalist, if you eat meat—it harms the environment more than all forms of transportation combined. PLUS, all the blue zones on earth–where they have no word for "diabetes" because no one's ever had it there, and average life span is 100…plant-based diet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O7ijukNzlUg It's really personal, talking about what another person eats–you should have filet mignon whenever you like! Not my business! Just FYI, be informed, for your own satisfaction, please 🙂

  9. Honestly… If I could eat like shit and be There are plenty of vegan protein options that help you stay full. The people I have known in the past that went vegan and really struggled with it and/or felt like crap did so because they were eating nothing but veggies and carbs/sugar. You NEEEEEDD a fair amount of fat and protein in your diet no matter what you eat and don't eat. But yeah, protein, fat and complex carbs are the things to eat to stay full for longer. Good on you for actually thinking there may be an issue with your food choices when you were feeling crappy and not just shitting on veganism. I'm a true blue fat boy meat eater and it drives me nuts when people claim you can't get all the nutrients you need from a vegan diet. Or that you cannot be an explosive athlete without meat and dairy. People who say that crap are very uneducated on the subject. Veganism can be extremely healthy, it just takes some work to really learn where you are getting those nutrients from.

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  11. OMG tried veganism woke up next day with hard dick and fucked all my coworker babes 😀 amazing you should try it also my boss increased my salary because she thought I was doing a good job.


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