$50 FOR A WEEK OF BULKING : Meal Prep on a Budget with Zac Perna


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  1. so i get that you dont do this all the time or anything but i think you will be very happy if you got yourself a good cooking torch, get like a bernzo 8000 with a searzal tip on the end then u can add a nice crisp or sear to all the foods you eat, it will add a whole new game to the shit you eat you will love it . like with the rice eggs for example 3 sec with the torch and boom half them eggs on ya rice are cooked … also if say u just cooked the white part and left the yellow raw it would be way better … just grab that mother fucker out of there toast it then toss that bitch back in there give that a shit a quick blast with the torch and it would be super quick and taste much better also it may help lower any risk with it being a "bad egg" lol

  2. Shouldn't you avoid Salt / Sodium in Meal Prep ? Just Wondering.

    And the Egg Fried Rice, if it was 50gm per Egg, that is still only 26g Protein, I don't get where that 51 Protein Coming from.

  3. Great video but technically a week is 7 days and 5 meals wont cut that. If we are really trying to put on weight still on a budget what should we do to fill that 2 day gap? (Cuting the meals into smaller portions to fit 7 days is out of question for bulking sake) thank you for your time and great job on the edits.

  4. Ok so I don’t understand how you bulk on this ? The protein wouldn’t make it three days if your eat 6oz at a time. And 24 eggs for the whole week ? Shit come on man me and you both know you need more than that. I didn’t watch the whole video once the food was laid on the counter. It would’ve been nice if you really found a way to bulk on a budget. But that’s not in the real world.

  5. Adds salt to water “I think it helps the pasta not stick…”
    The quality of your kitchen vastly outweighs the quality of your chef skills
    Sell some of that powdered money for a cooking lesson you gigantic Justin Bieber lookin pillowmonster

  6. Tip for the pasta sauce: cook the meet with a sliced onion, adds flavour to the recipe.
    Tip for the potato: have them covered with a touch of the fat coming from the meat of the pasta sauce, add a sliced onion before they get in the oven.
    I am not a fan of onions but they can help in some case, like this.


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