How to Make The SALT FLUSH work WAYYY better


I stumbled upon this gem of a skin health hack about a year ago. It turns the volume up on the salt flush big time. Enjoy!

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  1. Just want to share my hack, in drinking instead of 1ltr i mix mine in small water maybe 150ml+pink salt,then immediately the remaining 850ml water ,, also you need to lay on ur left side back and forth so will mix well in ur stomach. Hope helps

  2. Rob, I've been binging on your content! šŸ˜Š Can you explain a little on the ratio on healthy fats and fruits that I should be eating? I'm struggling with eating alot of coconut milk and avocados lately.

  3. I understand Rob…..
    You have dedicated whole your life to the society and people all over the world šŸŒŽ who are victims of Eczema & dermatitis.
    You have become a landmark for them and upcoming generations.
    You are awesome šŸ‘šŸ¼
    God bless you šŸ˜˜

  4. I workout pretty early. Around 5:30 am and get my first meal in at around 7:30, and stop eating for the day at around 2 so my fasting window goes into the night and I sleep on an empty stomach so my body can repair itself and not have food waste/toxins sitting in my system as I sleep. In this scenario. Can I start doing the salt flush closer to bedtime??? Iā€™m in my recovery phase from leaky gut and body acne. Thanks!

  5. Hi Rob – recently stumbled on your channel – and so thankful I did. I'm so happy to see a new video in my feed from you. I did my first organic coffee enema recently. Wow! – so effective and after I had so much energy, clear-mind, motivated and no joint pain. Immediate results and look forward to continuing with this protocol and your other strategies to clear up my remaining eczema. Thank you!

  6. Hey Rob, I've noticed that I'm past the flare up stage of my recovery, however, although the redness has calmed down, I noticed in many areas it is now discolored. Where it used to be very red, it now leans towards white, however, my complexion is brown. This is a different discoloration than what I had from using steroid creams because this discoloration is more spotted and noticeable. Hoping this will clear in time as it took about five months to escape the dreaded detox phase.

  7. Any training to really get the blood flowing works. Doing it in a fasted state is the key for me. Thanks Rob. I can't do HIIT because I'm getting rid of MS/Lyme of but, I do vigorous weight training workouts and fast for 20 hours a day.

  8. Hey Rob! Great video! Always awesome information! Do you think you could make a video talking about your thoughts on doing Bentonite Clay and/or Diatomaceous Earth internal cleansing on top of a low fat whole food plant based diet?


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