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From 245 and unhealthy to 145 and fit. Sharing today what my daily meals look like. I’m a little weird and combine odd things but that’s okay! 🙂 The primary goal is to stick to a Paleo, very clean diet consisting of just veggies, fruits and proteins. It’s difficult at first but you’ll eventually build habits that will take you from avoiding the foods you crave, to no longer wanting them at all. I am realistic as well and don’t believe this is the way you need to eat for the rest of your life. You need carbs and to enjoy those sweets every now and then but I believe this is the best way to get started for weight loss. You have to sacrifice certain foods at some point to see change. Eventually you can reintroduce them in a healthier manner once you’ve figured out how to better balance your meals and activity level.

Be easy on yourself while working towards being healthy. Healthy is not just physical but emotional and mental as well. We are all different so if this video and my methods don’t seem right for you, please don’t do it! I am in no way trying to promote anything that will have a negative effect on you and your personal relationship with food. I am not a doctor and recommend you consult one before starting any sort of “diet.

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Thank you guys for being so supportive always. I’m always amazed by the love you all send my way and I am BLESSED to be a part of this community. Love you guys!

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  1. I'm a bit scared to watch because you don't seem real, you're too beautiful 😛 ❤️In all seriousness though your journey and your strength have been really inspirational for me, I've lost 44Ibs so far and only about 30 to go (though I think mental health is far more important than the numbers in the scales!!). Thanks heaps for being awesome xx

  2. Annnd unsubscribed as soon as you said morbidly obese people should wear bikinis. I used to be fat and know just as well as everyone else that fat isn't attractive or healthy. Someone claiming to want to help people lose weight shouldn't be encouraging obesity like that.

  3. Just found your channel. You've blown me away! I'm turning 55 this month, just quit smoking, & found out I'm gluten sensitive. I weigh in at 240 & need to lose 100 lbs. Watching your videos are such an encouragement to me. In your 1st video, you said something about being in people being in the 40's wishing they had done something back in their 20's. Well, as someone who has procrastinated for 3 decades, I couldn't agree more. But the good news is, with encouragement from people such as yourself, even "over the hillers" can still lose weight & become healthy. I look forward to all the news videos you will have. God bless you.

  4. Are you planning on uploading any workout vids on this channel? I’m going to “introduce” you to my girlfriend and she could use a lil help as far as what to do in the gym. I’ll also let her know about your website. Great journey that you’re on and keep up the great content 👍

  5. you are such an inspiration…I started this journey 2 weeks ago and I'm planning to lose 100 pounds too… can you please share what you did while being pregnant to not gain lots of weight? Thanks

  6. you seem so genuine and you really care about others and their journeys. i've never been one to watch weight loss videos but i came across yours and they made me so hoppy!!!! great channel

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