In todays video, I am opening up about my weight which is my biggest insecurity. I’ve let my weight hold me back from too many things to count. I use it as an excuse for everything. Today, I am making a change. Welcome to the beginning of my weight-loss journey where I’ll show you a series of vlogs showcasing my meals + workouts. This is all new to me.. I am not a personal trainer nor am I a nutritionist. I am learning right along with you! So please. Join me! I hope this vlog series motivates you to go out and crush your goals. I believe in you 🙂 If you enjoy my videos & want to see my channel grow to its full potential – press the LIKE button! Can we aim for 10000 likes?

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Tings Mentioned:
*I am following a ketogenic diet which means = low carb, high fat, zero sugar.
Lily’s Chocolate Chips | Wholefoods
Baked Chicken Recipe #1:
Baked Chicken Recipe #2:
Mizu Bottle:

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  1. The next step is to feel good not about losing weight, but because your lifestyle changing. Weight loss≠ happiness, you must love yourself as it is, thin, fat, tall, small, blonde or brunette. Whatever you do, do it for your health not because of a number society told you to fit in.

  2. Keep up the good work guys! Its awesome that Benito is doing it right along with you. I'm sure it gives u that much more motivation than doing it all on your own! Can't wait to see ya'lls progress!🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♂️

  3. I also struggle with weight. I’ve done a Keto diet a couple of years ago with great success. But then I got pregnant lol which is crazy because I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and was told I would never be able to get pregnant. Anyways I also got B12 shots to help me get energy since I was on a zero sugar low carb diet. Try looking it up because it helps. Anyways can’t wait to follow you on your weight loss journey!!

  4. I love when you vlog! I love seeing the pups because my hubby & I have 2 fur babies we spoil and love just like y’all! I love you 2 together!! You remind me of the hubs & I and I love it. You got this Ash!! I’m so proud of you and so happy to see you go through this journey.. thank you for allowing us to be part of it! I’ve worked out for a month and only lost about 18 pounds because I don’t really diet but your video is really motivating me to finally try keto so I can lose more! I’m currently going through treatment for my depression, ptsd and bipolar after a suicide attempt but I’m slowly starting to feel like myself again so I can get back to working out. Keep pushing girl and don’t give up!! I know you have it in you. Love you ashhhh!! ❤️😍

  5. Love it!!! You go girl!!! Thank you for making this video 😀 Can you do a video that breaks down your work outs? So many of us struggle with how to work out. Are you following a book? What inspired you? Keep it it, y'all so cute and looking great 😀😀😀😀😘

  6. Wow, way to go. This WOE is really great. Keto is NOT a fad diet. Some people will use it as such. Keto has been around for a long long time and it’s backed by science. Like any diet, if done, for example, 30 days only, once you stop this way of eating the weight will come back. Find what works for you. And research on it. It is quite different then anything out there.

  7. Good luck on your weight loss journey. I’ve been on Keto for a month now, you can do it! Also, you’re not getting enough fats which is why you’re starving all the time. The fats in the Keto diet help keep you satiated. Be sure you’re tracking your daily macros to make sure you aren’t going overboard on your carbs & protein. Just because it fits within the allotted macros doesn’t mean you couldn’t be having too much.

  8. Ashley thankyou for sharing your weight loss experiences with us. I really enjoyed this video and appreciate how open you were. Im glad you chose the keto diet and not some ridiculous fasting or latest celebrity dieting trend, they rarely ever work and often you end up putting on more weight after. I think you are very brave to open yourself and your life up to YouTube. I find you really relatable and can hear a lot of myself in the past in what you are saying. I think you are sounding really positive the first most important thing is to believe in yourself and preparation. Both of which you really seem to be okay with. I’m really impressed for someone who doesn’t cook much to jump into cooking all your meals and not taking the easy way out. The lemon water is great I used to love drinking it myself, it’s so refreshing. You really are great how much effort you are putting in at the gym. You might believe you are overweight but damn girl you look hot working out. It is so good that Benito is by your side the whole time supporting you he is great. You make a lovely couple. My best advice is keep yourself strong the first 2 to 3 weeks it does get easier. Try doing activities to keep your mind off of food. I wish you both the best. Hugs and kisses Jessica.

  9. Girl, yass! I remember when you first started your channel, you used to do fitness videos. I’m glad that you’re sharing this whole experience. I can’t wait to see you progress over time. 😘

  10. In case it hasn’t been mentioned, when on keto you count net carbs. So for the Lily’s chocolate chips I believe are only 2 net carbs a serving because you also subtract the sugar alcohols or sweeteners like Stevia or erythritol. So technically you can have two servings at 4 carbs total 😏

  11. I know it’s really hard to put yourself out there. But this helps so many people including myself. I have struggled with my weight for many many years. Since I was 12. Still at 20, I have not lost weight or been happy with my body. This year I definitely want to be happier. So I just ordered some meals from hello fresh. And I will be doing protein world shakes for breakfast and lunch. I actually did weight watched but sadly lost 15 lbs and gained 30lb which is crazy.


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