10 Morning Habits That Prevent Weight Loss


Discover the top 10 bad Morning habits that prevent weight loss. These are definitely fat loss mistakes to avoid. Making bad breakfast choices alone could make you fat. This video will teach you what to do to lose weight fast & how to set up proper habits for a healthy successful life.

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# 1- Eating traditional breakfast Foods 0:45
# 2- Impulse Eating 1:45
# 3 – Force feeding breakfast 3:13
# 4 – Coffee 5:23
# 5 – Hitting the snooze button 6:13
# 6- Not planning ahead and preparing your own food 7:24
# 7- Impulse to weigh yourself every single day 8:04
# 8 – Not sleeping in long enough or oversleep 9:04
# 9- Drinking anything other than water 9:41
# 10- Stress 10:32

If you’re trying to lose weight the last thing you want to do is mess it up first thing in the morning. And unfortunately there’s no shortage of wrong information out there on a range of morning topics like what to eat to speed up your metabolism, or whether a mandatory breakfast is required, or if you should workout on an empty stomach every morning. With that said it’s easy to understand why you’re probably making at least a couple mistakes every morning that may be stopping you from losing weight. So today I want to give you a definitive list of 10 morning habits that are preventing weight loss. By learning what these are & by making some easy changes to your morning routine you can lose weight faster with less road bumps along your way. And I want to start with one of the most obvious that many of you probably already know..eating traditional breakfast foods in the morning is a sure fire way to gain weight instead of losing it. What do I mean by traditional breakfast foods…I”m talking about things like cereal, bagels, pop tarts, pancakes, waffles, and muffins. These foods are all very high in either refined flour, sugar, or both. Not only is a diet high in refined flour & sugar linked to obesity it’s also linked to insulin resistance & diabetes. When you spike your blood sugar & insulin levels every morning with foods like this you make weight loss virtually impossible. Now I’m not saying you can’t eat carbs for breakfast. You can definitely do that, but stick to carb sources that are not processed and come from single ingredient foods. Things like oatmeal, Ezekiel bread, and fruit will serve you much better. You’ll get fuller faster from the high fiber content of these real foods, you won’t have such a dramatic spike in insulin levels, and you won’t feel the desire to eat more. And that’s actually leads right to another morning habit that prevents weight loss. I’m talking about impulse eating and this is a habit that’s linked directly to eating processed and refined foods. When you eat foods like the traditional breakfast foods that we just talked about as well as other foods that contain High fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, additives, sugar and flavor enhancers they all Trick your brain and actually become addicting. These artificial flavors and excessive amounts of sugar get your taste buds used to a crazy amount of stimulation. And then with real food like fruit and cinammon flavored oatmeal it becomes impossible to match the dopamine release you get from the unnatrual sources that are full of added sugar. Also like I already said these processed foods will spike your blood sugar temporarily only to be followed by a crash. When your blood sugar comes crashing back down you’re going to feel really hungry for more of the same bad foods that got you into trouble to begin with. This vicious cycle creates a full day of impulse eating led by the reward center of your brain seeking its fix…ultimately making you even more hooked on junk & processed foods. Luckily you can reset your pallate by staying away from these addicting ingredients for a consistent period of time. Start by concentrating on staying away from these foods for 3 days. Just after 3 days you will appreciate real healthy food much more & after a few weeks your desire for bad food will diminish significantly. The next morning habit that you want to avoid is force feeding yourself breakfast. It seems like most trainers, nutritionists, & most people in general believe that one of the worst things you can do for weight loss is skip breakfast. This is based on the idea that breakfast is the most important meal of the day & without it you delay “starting your metabolism” & you potentially risk entering the dreaded “starvation mode” Some people believe so strongly in this “you must eat breakfast philosophy” that they would rather have you eat something bad like a bagel or a muffin rather than not eating anything at

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Risks of oversleeping:

Sleep deprivation and fat loss:


  1. Nonsense, east little and often! cut out Sugar, oat and fruit in morning- bran fiber for your digestion.. don't eat large meals in the evening as your metabolism slows down, don't east before going to bed. eat dinner at dinner time around noon. light meal in the evening 6 p.m. and a light snack (fruit) at least an hour before bed. no media also an hour before bed as you will sleep better.. the philosophy of a good breakfast is your set up for the day! that is until lunch time, if you over eat and eat irregularly your body will store fat.. if you eat little and often your body will process the food and you will have immediate energy from the food you eat! Bacon, Poached egg, Wholemeal bread and lettuce for breakfast is great for a tasty start to the day.. Cut out sauces. if it is processed it's bad!! naturally prepared fruit, veg and protein. get up off your arse and walk, take the stairs. to retain a healthy active life style your body need's to sweat for half and hour a day at least! so walk home from work, goto the pool for a swim. do exercises when you get in from work. work up a sweat. even have a burst at the house hold chores!! be active!! after a week or so you'll fell better, be more active and you will want to be up and at it, doing something! you will even start to become restless. see if a friend will share the experience with you, moral support will help both of you succeed..

  2. The daily weigh ins were one reason I ditched Noon. It's so big right now but it focused on all the wrong things. Strict calorie restriction with no care for where the calories come from and daily weigh ins. Terrible system.

  3. Thank you so much for making this video. I am currently struggling thru at least 5 of the things on this list. Your explanation was on point and it has literally improved my motivation to save me from me. I am now a subscriber and look forward to learning more.

  4. Okay so this is an advice to all those people that have a really sweet tooth and feel obsessed with eating something sweet first thing in the morning .
    1. Try an oatmeal with unsweetened almond milk, add some sweetener tabs or powdered sweetener which You can buy at Any store. Add cinnamon or cocoa powder or powdered peanut butter . Heat it up in a microwave. Add sliced banana or kiwi or raspberry or blueberries afterwards. Now use Your pan and fry using a 1 kcal spray oil or 1 tablespoon of butter 3 whole eggs + 2 egg whites. Now don’t eat the oatmeal until you will make Your eggs. When both meals are ready, eat them using a fork and a knife not a spoon like all people do. Take your time eating it and You will feel totally full! Good luck


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