This was a big update guys! I had awesome results and I’m sharing my best keto tips. Intermittent fasting keto played a major role in this weeks results. As a working mom, its sometimes hard to get a healthy dinner on the table. I share everything I eat in a week so you can see what works for me and what doesn’t.

Keto Meal plan/Meal Guide

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Hi! WELCOME! Thanks for stopping by! My name is Jia. Hubby’s name is Charles. Our little ones are Zara (6) and Ava (3). On my channel, you will find everything from working mom tips, organizing all of my cluttered spaces, Costco hauls and budgeting (my passion). I hope to inspire encourage, and learn. Join me on this journey!
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  1. I’m so happy I just stumbled on your channel! I’ve been doing Keto for about a month now, and to know we’ve experienced some of the same things – keeps me going! You are inspiring!

  2. Hi. New subscriber here. I did keto for 10 years but stopped last year due to personal reasons and health issues. I'm starting keto again. Came across your video today and feel very inspired by you. Thank you so much. Going to watch all your videos. You look so beautiful. Regards from England.

  3. You are looking great! Totally agree about not eating after 7:00. I feel better and sleep better. On the rare chance I am craving I’ll drink decaf with hwc and a teaspoon of coconut sugar to help hold me over. At bed I put lavender essential oil on my temples, wrist, and tip of my nose. Works like a charm! I also leave my phone in the kitchen on loud. I WILL check it if it’s in the room. This has helped so much! You’re amazing and I’m subscribing!

  4. Been on Keto 5 weeks and I'm down 13.5 lbs! I am very proud of myself. Thank you for your videos. I was wondering if I was doing ok and you have reassured me. This diet has been one of the greatest things I have ever done for myself. I feel great on it!

  5. Love these vlogs. My husband and I are on week 5. We been doing great. I am down 12 pounds and huddy is down 15. I feel wonderful, energized and i also feel light on my feet. I noticed my clothes are feeling more lose. I am wearing shorts that used to be so tight around my stomach. I am loving how i feel.

  6. Do you allow yourself a cheat meal. I’m very strict with myself but have a cheat day every two weeks. I know it kicks me out of ketosis & it takes me about 2 days after to get back into ketosis but I feel like I need that cheat day to look forward to.

  7. Hi Jia. I’m new to your channel. I did enjoy your video. Congrats on the weight loss. I did notice it most on your face. So I’m the same height as you and have been trying the keto diet now for about 2 1/2 weeks. I initially lost 3 lbs but now I’ve stalled and just in the last week I decided to fast in the morning. I haven’t lost anything. I’m disappointed because I’ve been really trying and notice people having much better results than me. I usually stop eating at around 8pm and if I do snack no later than10:00 then fast until about 1:00 pm the next day. Any suggestions. 😕

  8. Awesome Job!!! You are such a great motivator!! I am grateful for your channel. It gives me some ideas on what to prepare for my husband and I. I am a creature of habit but I don't want to bore him. I hit a new low this week, Down 60 lbs now!!! I started March 4th. Keep it going cause you are helping me stay focus!!👍🏼 Blessing to you and your family

  9. Guys i lost 150 pounds another 50 to go! I lost 35 Pounds in 2 weeks by a water fast! Started intermediate fasting with high fat low carb kinda keto but my young icey mid to it . I ate 10 calories a day

  10. I had got word how carbohydrates were correlated to weight gain and so generally to steer clear of carbohydrates, in spite of this had in no way never ever contemplated using them to trim inches away. The primary idea behind the four cycle weight-loss method is to train your whole body to get rid of fat for fuel instead of just carbohydrate. It’s founded on scientific inquiry into the higher than average carb diets of the Japanese combined with their incredible long life expectancy. The research validate the fact that it’s their high carb-cycling eating habits means that could help to keep on being healthy into old age with a lower than average body mass index (lower incidence of unhealthy weight).Read much more here https://tinyurl.com/ybrell6b

  11. Living for your videos right now. I feel like
    You are so relatable! I’m new to Keto and my first week lost 6.5lbs but now I’m stalled out even though I’m eating the same and I feel kinda down on myself. Trying to think long term and power thru it like you did when you stalled or had a bad week.

  12. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries are keto friendly. One quarter cup is a serving. Three strawberries are fine, I wouldn't sweat it. In fact,
    blueberries have an abundance of anti-oxidants and are very good for you. They would be better for your smoothies.

  13. A tips from me that have suffered from bad anxiety is that I used to buy lavender candles, it might seem simple but sometimes that is all it takes but anyways you light the candle up and then your brain instantly have something
    To focus on (the smell) it works for distracting the brain ❤️ Hope This helps!

  14. I totally agree with not comparing yourself to others. I have lost almost 40 pounds and I don't see a drastic change. I am short and i feel the difference in my clothes and i have looked at picture and can see slight changes (my rings are loose, my pants and a little in my face), but other that lose it's very clear they have lost.

  15. Hi hun how do I check out your amazon store? I tried just putting I. Marriage and motherhood store but it just comes up with marriage counseling books 😂😂 thankfully I don’t need help in that department but I am looking to buy a blender like yours.


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