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  1. So I started my fast. My body is starting to adjust. One question I have tho as far as what will and won’t break my fast beverage wise. I’ve only been drinking water but before my fast I’ve acquired the taste of these Bai drinks. Will that break the fast? It’s a natural drink and it has stevia leaf in it and I’ve researched some on it and it’s very helpful to the fat burning process. Can I start to drink these again during my fast? Just would be nice to drink something other than water seeing as how I’m not a coffee drinker.

  2. white male 53. starting weight 355…current weight 329. Reduce your "wants", reduce your needs. I don't need to tell you. got to learn to differentiate! I'm a bass player…you've done so much in so little time…don't fret. You're there. I don't think finances are fitness related in the big picture….though addiction and "wants" are related to both. I've lost jobs and gained weight….it's stress and distraction. If you haven't given up, you're still in the game! You've made incredible strides. Though musically, we're on different genres, you're very inspirational! I'm currently 25000 in debt from my daughter's medical bills…trying to give discover what they need monthly is a B***h!

  3. Those are all great things to review and self check, another major one I self check is, What's my stress level? I tend to have bad cravings when I'm stressed (emotional eating) I always just have to tell myself that's what it is and not give in to that temptation.

  4. Please, please do not go to a bank! Check out your local credit union. Banks are out for one thing to make money off of you. Credit Unions are cooperatives and they are member owned. Contact me if you need any help.BTW I have worked at a credit union for the last 30 years. Good luck!

  5. My weight loss was 90 % changing my eating habits. I started my weight loss journey January 2017 at 245 lbs. Lost 70lbs in that year, no gym. January 2018 started going to the gym, lost 30 more lbs. Then I stopped going to the gym June 2018 due to emergency surgery situation. I continued to lose weight and am at a total of 117lbs lost now but can’t seem to get myself to go back to the gym. Such a lack of motivation and it’s frustrating. I am not trying to lose more weight but want to be toned.

  6. • For Wage Earners, we NOW don't pull W2 Transcripts which goes along with our smoother transactions and ease of doing business.
    • No Overlays follow findings to 580 scores
    • FHA-Charge Offs are ignored with approve eligible
    • W2 Transcript Only OK
    • VA Cashout refi to 100% to 580 scores
    • No Minimum Tradeline Requirements with AUS
    • No Fico Score is OK
    • DTI up to 56.99 per HUD Guidelines
    • Gift Funds Per HUD Guides – No Restrictions
    • One Score Allowed with AUS Approval
    • Down Payment Assistance programs allowed
    • Use Rental Income from 2-4 Unit Purchase Per Rent Schedule
    • No Score borrowers OK
    • Manual Underwrites Allowed to 600 score
    – Jumbo and Super Jumbo Loans to 95% LTV NO MI Full Doc up to
    $1.5 million loan amount
    – up to $5 million loan amounts at 70 LTV

    – Bank Statements to qualify
    680+ to 90% LTV
    620-679 to 85% LTV
    600-619 to 80% LTV

    – NO Ratio Program – for Investment Properties only
    NO Income, NO Employment
    up to $2 million dollar loan amounts allowed
    Interest Only Option available
    – We also offer Jumbo Loans for Full doc as low as 600 credit score
    to 80% LTV

    Hit Me Up 877-740-9840 X 206

  7. The last bit about loving working out but not liking it…i think the pleasure is in completing a session, not so much at the time. I often do enjoy it in the moment but those days i cant really be bothered i get that high after im done. Its useful to remind myself of that if im struggling to get myself to the gym. Hope that helps someone.

  8. Brix, this economy is not set up for people to lose, it's set up for everyone to win! Granted they don't teach what you need to know in school. Buying on credit–especially on a credit card–is bad business. Please, please, please read The Total Money Make Over by Dave Ramsey. It will profoundly change your life!

  9. Great video bro! I always wondered myself why my parents or school never taught us about credit. That’s one of the most important tools we need in life. and a great life insurance policy as well.. or a few of them.

  10. Thank you for the credit segment, especially acknowledging the demographic of people that credit is created to defeat..
    it feels good when you're all alone with no guidance and trying to do the best you can and someone great confirms your thoughts in doing better.. everything u said in regard to this is totally true and is everything I've learned in rebuilding my credit over years..

  11. Hey, just wanted to add something here that I just learned recently.
    Will power is kind of like a battery; when you use it, the bar goes down. (it gets recharged with good food and rest)
    When you go through stressful situations that require restraint (like applying for credit, for instance), you use up some of that will power bar, and you'll be more likely to indulge in an unhealthy craving.
    So, when you get those moments where your brain keeps suggesting you follow something you know you shouldn't, do what you can to take a short nap, eat an apple, etc.
    Recharge that bar, and keep from going backwards.

  12. Is not set up to lose if you're parents don't teach you . I learned about credit from my Filipino ex-girlfriend she taught me how to build credit I'm black I didn't know shit for my mama


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