I Tried the Keto Diet So You Don’t Have To


No carbs and no sugar for a week. Does it work? Is it worth it?

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  1. I’m 15 and I did the Keto diet for a good 5 Months when you first start you get the “Keto flu” poweraid helps with that, it sucks
    So much Gabbie your not joking when you say that

  2. Everyday I kid you not, I need carbs, caffeine and sugar. If I don't get for a full 24 hours I will be so pissy and my will to live will become a new level of low… I watched this video while eating cheesy pretzels so I was like "I wish I could give you this bag of pretzels, I'm sorry!"

  3. Hey it's so funny that I see someone do the keto diet. I have been on the keto diet since I was 3 Because I could have an episode if I eat carbohydrate I need fat I hate it but I need it so it's funny

  4. I just wanted to say that I actually did keto once, and I had constant headaches, hunger and my hair started falling out (and for those wondering, I did it for about 4 months, and I did lose over 50 lbs). keto is not for everybody, everybody's genetics are different, and everybody needs different types of food to stay healthy and have good energy, so if keto did not work for gabbie, and she is having all the symptoms and reactions, don't beat her up for it, everyone is different.

  5. You didn’t really do a Keto diet. You did it all wrong and you said you wouldn’t look up potential symptoms and then the next sentence is you looking up potential symptoms. Hypocritical to start. You should really delete this video because it is a false representation of a beneficial diet that you didn’t do enough research to gain any benefit from. Stop trying to “debunk” diets just because you decided to start working out for the first time in your life and are seeing results from that process.

  6. I like you Gabbie but this video completely ruined Keto for everybody. When done right, you have the problem of NOT BEING HUNGRY for all the calories you need to consume, not starving. I struggle to eat all my calories for the day due to lack of hunger on Keto. You should have done research on at least how to do it correctly. You made it seem like some sort of a satanic diet that everyone should run away from.

  7. I'm on the keto diet now and I love it, it makes me feel healthier and better you got keto flu and u need to do your research and if you feel bad you could try balance your diet a little if it has a bad effect on you. I personally love it and I have previously researed it alot and I also didn't start straight away I eased into.

  8. I did a keto diet and honestly it was the only diet that worked for me to lose weight I lost about 8 to 9 kg in 1 and a half month even though I eat so much watermelon I was crazy about watermelons at the time but I felt more energized and much better I am O blood so my body need protein maybe that's why it worked but I usually eat eggs in the morning and a big salad at night with maybe chicken or something filling I don't have lunch so that was it for me and just so u know berries are allowed in a keto diet

  9. See for lent i gave up sugar and im a vegetarian also i still go to school lol. And watching this i was like how the hell did i survive and gabbie is being honest it is horrible, you are constantly dizzy and fatigued

  10. Thank you Gabbie for showing me that because I'm trying to go on a diet but I can't and I never heard of this so I was going to try it but once you tried, I backed out. So, thank you for saving my hunger!

  11. at first i thought that she was over reacting and there is no such pain, but i remembered that i went threw the very same thing. Dont quote me but its true and VERY rare you may have H-pylori (if im spelling that correctly) and i have been suffering with H-pylori and a diseas in my small intestate. Some humans may have that reaction to the keto diet when they are going through major depression. and until ur depression is 97% gone u will have to deal with this for a while. good luck. (still have depression 😉

  12. My mum did keto for 10 days and lost 8lbs she felt bad for the first couple of days but then you get over it it's really not this bad I tried it for a week too and you need to eat more fatty meat and things like boiled eats mayo cream cheese eat more bacon in your breakfast it's not this bad!

  13. The keto diet was developed to help kids with epilepsy who didn't have success being treated with medication. It's extreme because it's an alternative to frequent seizures. You're right that it's not good unless you need it for that very specific reason! There's a really good episode of the podcast Sawbones about it.

  14. 15:23 the reason you had heart problem was because you was deficient in potassium, same as how you were craving sugar, that also is a potassium deficiency, you need a minimum of 4700mg a day. Stop back lashing the keto diet just because you felt sick about the symptoms. You were just doing this keto diet wrong. You even went lean protein which is a bad idea and didn't do it with intermittent fasting.


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