How To Gain Mass For Vegans


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Hang with me for a day of epic vegan muscle gaining meals, including a VERY delicious Vegan Loaded Potato Skins Recipe!

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I’m Paul Kerton. Personal Trainer, Vegan Nutritionist and Public Speaker. Not so long ago, in a misguided attempt to try and grow muscle as quickly as possible, I ended up eating more animal products than probably anyone you’ve ever met. Through research I came to learn the deleterious effects that eating even quite trivial amounts of animal products has on one’s health and through personal experience I found that far from being a hindrance to sports performance, a well planned vegan diet is actually optimal! Then with an open heart I looked at how we treat animals in order for them to end up on our plates and it shook me to the core. I could not believe that for so long I fell for the lies that others tell us, that we tell ourselves, in order that we perpetuate this destructive behaviour. Destructive to ourselves, the beautiful, intelligent sentient beings that are here with us and indeed our planet. To try and put right my part in all of this I was compelled to overcome my fear of being filmed for YouTube and television, appearing on the radio and more recently public speaking. On a spiritual level I’ve come to realise that my fellow man too is suffering. If I won’t see harm come to a chicken I’ve never met then why would I be unkind to my brothers? If someone is being aggressive or unkind toward me, surely the suffering inflicted on them in the past is simply spilling over? Do I want to add to that, or can I step out of my ego long enough to forgive them and maybe break the cycle of negativity? This former, quick to anger “meat head” bouncer has been on one transformative journey!

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  1. Being a vegan is pointless because all the foods you eat such as fruit and veg is like 97% water so you aren't gonna get all your nutrients your body needs

  2. Only just started following your vids and it's inspirational to see someone thriving and including a variety of good vegan food. I tried to whole fruitarian thing and fasting. I went to skin and bone, and felt constantly exhausted. It's good to cleanse but I think our environment is not optimal for a fully raw diet especially in UK. Bro… Thank you keep doing your thing. I hope to meet you some day at an event. Oh and I have my spuds in the oven now trying your recipe! Ps you and the missus seem made for eachother.

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