Lets Talk KETOGENIC DIETS + What I Ate Today in Hawaii


Keto talk starts at 2:24

There’s not enough room to link every article mentioned, so I’ll prioritize keto-specific research here. All others can be found by googling the title as it appears in the video.

Many of my points were taken from this and other articles on Virta Health:

Top 5 Nutritional Ketosis Mistakes—And How to Fix Them

PaleoMom review: https://www.thepaleomom.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/Ketogenic-Diet-Literature-Review.pdf

Low-Carb Weight Loss study sited by vegan keto article (https://www.onnit.com/academy/vegan-keto-diet/) to support keto as an effective diet for weight loss. Insignificant weight loss benefit at 1 year, 34% dropout rate: http://annals.org/aim/fullarticle/717452

“The use of Ketogenic diets for weight loss is not warranted”: https://academic.oup.com/ajcn/article/83/5/1055/4649481

Keto without calorie restriction doesn’t lead to weight loss:

Sudden Cardiac Death in Association with the Ketogenic Diet: https://www.deepdyve.com/lp/elsevier/sudden-cardiac-death-in-association-with-the-ketogenic-diet-WK63iPSt2S

Does dietary Saturated Fat, Cholesterol, and Trans fat affect heart disease risk?
2012 Cochrane Review: https://www.cochranelibrary.com/cdsr/doi/10.1002/14651858.CD002137.pub3/abstract

Higher consumption of unsaturated fats linked with lower mortality


Flawed Meta-Analysis Reviews:
“They have done a huge amount of damage,” says Walter Willett, chair of the nutrition department at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. “I think a retraction with similar press promotion should be considered.”


“Thus, the conclusions of Chowdhury et al. regarding the type of fat being unimportant are seriously misleading and should be disregarded’

Dietary fat and heart disease study is seriously misleading

“Saturated fat is still bad for heart disease risk,” notes Hu. “Evidence from studies on thousands of people shows that if you replace saturated fat with unsaturated fat, you reduce your risk of heart disease. If you replace saturated fat with refined carbs, you don’t reduce your risk.”

Fat Under Fire: New findings or shaky science? https://cspinet.org/resource/fat-under-fire


Great interview with Dr. Garth Davis:


Reversing Heart Disease with diet:


Salt is a problem:
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  1. When it comes to what food to consume, there is no one size fits all. Food in general is linked to your environment. For example, if you live in the tropics, by all means consume fruits (Sugar) all year around. It has been found that because you can make Vitamin D all year around in the tropics, Vitamin D protects against Sugar consumption. Contrast this if you live in northern latitude (you can’t make Vitamin D in general between October and Late May. And think about what sort of food can grow in northern latitude ie hardly any or very short season) then meat and fat are generally the only source of food available.

  2. so much of my work place are into the keto diet, they all drink these HUGE bottles of caffeinated electrolyte drink all day long and then brag about there energy levels! you are literally drinking 6 cups of coffee worth of caffeine… of course you have energy.

    I want to put this video on repeat in my break room and quietly eat my fruit salad in the corner….

  3. I started a Keto diet yesterday and today I was getting really excited about it, until tonight. I was feeling sick after a high fat dinner and started having heart palpitations. I also have had a headache today. I realize that’s because of the “Keto flu” and it’s supposedly not permanent. But I’ve also read Keto supporters claim to have to take a ton of electrolyte supplements to stop these symptoms, not only when you first start the diet, but throughout. That’s concerning. I started thinking about your channel and how I haven’t watched any of your videos in awhile, and then lo and behold I come across this. It’s definitely giving me a lot to think about.

  4. As a vegan who has been keto and doing short term daily fasting to improve health and longevity here's my response to this video. You're ascribing Atkin's diet problems to keto. You're generalizing all veges as carbs. Non starchy veges of any color and especially greens provide micro nutrients as well as limited and complete proteins along with very low carbs and plenty of fiber. What protein the body doesn't use in converts to glucose and fat. Its next to impossible to burn fat if there is glucose in our muscle and organ cells.

    Keto unlike Atkin's is low protein as well as low carb. Keto does not require any animal fat or protein intake. Healthy plants fats such as nuts, avocado, seeds, cold pressed olive and unrefined coconut oil as well as coconut meat and the list goes on; are not the negative health risk of animal fat and animal protein. Insulin resistance is not the result of healthy plant fats. Many studies are planned and paid for by those with a product to sell. Many supplements are oversold yes, but supplements have a place in nutrition with the depletion of soils.

    Every individual is different in how they plan and pursue a keto or near keto diet. A healthy diet is subject to buyers being aware of the pros and cons of every food choice. We all need to educate ourselves about everything from animal injection of hormones and antibiotic to basic modification methods of food by industry. We need to understand as much as we can about organic, cooking temperatures, living enzymes, colloidal minerals, raw plant nutrients and much more.

    Exercise has a profound effect on our body's metabolism and macro needs. When you get to your seventies like me, you will likely have a different view of what your body does best with. There are many variables. Part of research is trying and listening to what our body is telling us. Right now for me and many I know the best combination is vegan and keto.

  5. Thanks for taking over for freelee the banana girls older YouTube educational videos. I missed all this access to true knowledge and information!!! Thank you for all the work and research you do! Such an inspiration (as freelee used to be for me) 💖💖💖

  6. Hi 👋🏻 I warn all my friends and family of the dangers of keto. I had a conversation with an old friend just yesterday and went through the side effects of keto in the long term. He wasn’t swayed, it’s so ingrained in our culture to drop the carbs to lose weight. Ugh! Ketosis is not a normal state. I did rounds of Atkins in my 20’s and was frail and miserable but I looked good. I was in a bitchy mood 24/7 because I was CARB deficient. I even did the pee strips. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Anyway, a vegan diet full of whole plant 🌱 foods is by far more rewarding in the short and long term. Peace and Love 💕 Lily!!! You are the best—always pushing us to be better and know more. 😊

  7. Beautiful and entertaining as usual Lily. Nice to see beautiful hot weather and tropical fruit. Everything here was covered with ice at Daybreak. Where did Good Old Uncle homo erectus get his 12 grams of salt? Your dry heave was most convincing. No doubt about it Lily we evolved in nature eating an abundance of whole plant Foods. Nice to see you still have access in your own backyard. Thanks again for all the healthy appetizing tasty recipes. JP

  8. Hi Lily I think all your videos are awesome this is one of my favorites especially the ending. It still is enchanting the first morning you go out at Daybreak with no wind and everything's covered with a quarter inch of Frost. Shortly after that the chill hits your eyeballs and it's not so enchanting anymore. I inhale as much Frost as I can (hoping there's not too many hydrocarbons in it) to chill my lungs and brain still not sure why I do that could it be it enhances the flavor of my coffee it does seem to taste better I don't know. What I do know after that inoculation of cold winter has arrived a month early in Southern New Jersey. Hopefully the same will happen this spring. Thank you again for your research and hard work greatly appreciated. JP

  9. It’s all about how you do keto, some people are not really well read on how to balance their nutrients. Keto is very good, especially along with fasting. You Have to cycle your carbs and fats, the higher in carbs should be when one is planning on exercising. That shouldn’t last more then two days, and the higher in fats is every other day besides that. The rest of the calories should go to protein. There are high and low carb days, with mild fasting if you’re doing it correctly. Keto very encouraging for daily exercise, one cant be eating a set high fat high protein diet without exercise. This how the body burns fat and builds muscle Ketosis. From experience I have seen my body change, I also felt energized burning fat in the gym.

  10. I watched the Rich Roll podcast with Dr Longo, and I was surprised to learn that he advocates a low starch, low fat, low protein diet. What's left to eat? Greens and beans-even though they have some starch. And He thinks people should eat fish, because it's hard to get enough protein? I was sort of confused. I think it WOULD be hard to get enough protein if you weren't eating a lot of nuts or grains, plus you'd have a harder time getting some of the other minerals like zinc.
    He also suggested people should start eating higher protein after age 65 in order to stop losing muscle mass-something I've never heard any plant based Dr mention.

  11. Great Day To All!! Just Saw Pretty Good show on Dr.Oz Keto Diets with 3 Experts Thanks a Million for your Keto-Views… After knowing Many People Helped by True-Keto Diets It has shown and proven to Starve off all Cancer Cells without Harming Healthy Cells so Youre Right Keto-Is not for everyone: The Best over all Diet Safe for Long term uses would be Gluten Free diets and here's why: Watch 12-Bad Foods https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm71w3LzhQE&t=689s Best All Known Safe All Natural Cancer Killer and A Host Of Other Serious Health Issues Z-Radical
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    = Our Wealth"
    Visit here: https://organicwellness.youngevity.com

    Cheers & Happy Holidays!!

  12. Lili, any vlogs done or coming up on WFPB with regard to menopause and womens heart health and cancer prevention? What about carbohydrates and menopausal metabolism? Love your videos and great information. Keep them coming. Thank you!

  13. Keto is great to cure certain cancers the idea is to mimic fasting to starve cancer cells; ie in extreme situations. Whole food vegan diets anticipate and avoid cancer in the first place…

  14. Ketogenic diet is good to control epilepsy. It is only used for epilepsy extremely difficult to control. Although when my daughter was supposed to be put on the diet I really didn't want her to have it . Not that a life long use of medicine is good for you 😅 neither is epilepsy 🙄

  15. finally someone talked about this! I was so caught up on all these dietery “advise” that I started eating soo much fat and meat and eggs, thinking I would slim down (truth=I gained weight while mentally starving all the time). Honestly this diet only works for obese people, because their arteries and organs are already f up so it won’t be as harmful for them as it would to stay obese

  16. Can some one kindly read my day of eating and let me know if Im doing this way of eating wrong as Im not losing any weight after 6 weeks?? oatmeal with flax, cinnamon, banana, oat milk (brunch) later 1/4 cup nuts, 3 hrs later – baked potatato, beans or veggie burgers, large green leafy salad, lindt dark choc, maybe an apple . Basically I have eaten this way for 6 weeks…scale not budging…Calories 1800-2k/daily 5ft 7, female, 52yrs old, need to lose at least 7-10kilo…..Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Susan.


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